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10 years on.
10 years on.

Its hard not to think about the anniversary of September 11. Right now the news is full of recognised threats against New York and tragic reminders of how that day played out ten years ago. We all have our memories of how the terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center changed our worlds. My memories […]

Our garden – Before & After
Our garden - Before & After

This month is the fourth anniversary of when we first found our home and made one of the biggest decisions of our lives - to purchase it. When we looked around the house a second time we noticed what a jungle the garden was and Ron was already rubbing his hands with glee, looking forward to getting stuck in. […]


I love this time of year, there is warmth in the sun again and the days are already longer. The garden is starting to wake up after the winter and the blossoms on the next-door-neighbours tree are finally showing themselves. Everything is green and vibrant and bursting with new life. Our lemon tree has gone […]


Ever since this dead stick grew a beautiful flower back in September, 2007, I have eagerly awaited spring and these gorgeous, purple, lilac flowers. Last year we transplanted the vine and this year I have waited patiently for it to burst into life. The waiting was worth it but strangely this year the flowers seemed […]


Remember this little thing from last year? It was a dead looking sticky thing in a pot that we chucked down the side of the garage along with the plastic kennel for the dog we don’t have. Well one day a beautiful flower appeared on this previously very dead looking sticky thing and that made […]

The end of the pond

We are very excited about our garden, as you might have gathered by the plethora of posts about things as mundane as weeding, pruning and now planting a vegetable garden! When we were looking around the house and garden with a view to purchasing, the simple layout of the deck and lawn really appealed to […]

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