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When my bloggy friend Kate over at Kate Says Stuff blogged about her plans for #OperationMOVE I was excited, eager and committed. Kate’s intentions were to motivate herself, and us, to get moving during the months of Spring with the initial commitment of deciding how many minutes were were going to MOVE during September. This was […]

Part Two – fitness
Part Two - fitness

In Part two of my three part series on Weightloss, Bootcamp and Running I am going to talk about how I finally got my flabby bottom to a bootcamp after promising myself I would in January 2010. After a year of weekend boxing and mindful eating my weight was 87kgs, a 6.3kg loss in a […]

Part One – weight loss
Part One - weight loss

My journey to weight loss and fitness has been a long one with many twists in the road. In fact for the majority of my adult life I have had a love/hate relationship with diets, food, fitness and my body. I think that I might even have a diagnosable case of body dysmorphia because despite […]

Two sides to every story

Things I am loving right now: my wheat pack, hot from the microwave, warming and soothing my aching back sweet wine of all kinds, in fact even the cheap versions are delicious but my favourite right now is a slightly fizzy pink Moscato warm, toasty bed thanks to our electric blanket, crisp sheets and curling up […]

They are small, but deadly

The girls have really ganged up on me today. How is it that children have an inate ability to sense weakness and then do everything in their power to exploit it? Yesterday I did my first real exercise since I was pregant with Stella. Sure I walked during my pregnancy, especially in the middle trimester […]

Food – the first week – a recap

As I have mentioned numerous times, for various reasons I wanted to hold off starting Stella on solid food. A big reason was probably the most selfish one, that I want her to remain my little baby for as long as possible and starting her on food meant that she no longer needed me as […]

My postpartum body and I

This is what having a baby does to you. Can you see it? My first offical gray hair. I left it there because I feel strangely proud of it. Unlike my other badges of womanhood, my breasts and silvery stretchmarks, the linea nigra that you can still trace faintly down to my pubis, this gray […]

Pregnancy update – 33 weeks with photos

We had another short but sweet visit with our Obstetrician this morning. I have gained just under 2kgs in three weeks which brings my total weight gain to 5kgs since finding out I was pregnant. Its funny watching my weight so carefully this time around when last time I didn’t step on a scale in […]

Jetlag and other travel issues

The last four days have been very hard. Suprisingly Amy has had the easiest adjustment to the timezone and being back in Sydney. She is much happier since getting back from the UK and I suppose I can understand why. The last few days of the holiday were very hard on her, she would wake […]

Leaving Amy with strangers

Yesterday was a big day for Amy and I. I have joined the gym up the road in an effort to address my post-baby body and to make some time just for me. Its a super place, big, clean, lots of facilities, classes, and a pool with the best view of Sydney. Seriously, you actually […]

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