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Melbourne – redacted.
Melbourne - redacted.

I remember making the same mistake last year after the Aussie Bloggers Conference, I started reading everyone’s incredible recap posts and suddenly developed a terrible case of doubting myself. It didn’t help that I had been having some serious concerns about the state of my blog and I wasn’t entirely sure that I really wanted […]


Our own little slice of heaven, in a secret location, somewhere south of Sydney! We turned down a dirt road, drove for 20 minutes and then walked through the bush to discover this perfect spot. We had a wonderful weekend away, lots of time on the sand and in the water despite high winds and […]

Feeding the kangaroos

Before we left for Perth I asked some friends for recommendations on fun things to do with children while we were there. Thanks to a suggestion from Missy Boo we ended up at the Caversham Wildlife Park which is just north of the city near Swan Valley. This was such a fun day out, we […]

Aah, magical interwebs, I have missed you

Its so great being able to slouch on the couch with my laptop again. Wow I am super lazy, its this weather, it makes everyone slothful. Slouching on the couch is not so good for my back though. I haven’t injured it as such but I am suffering from a locked thoracic spine, or really […]

I am back!

I am back. In case you missed me. A whole lot of stuff happened including our wireless router exploding which meant everytime I wanted to check my email I had to come into the bedroom which meant Stella would then wedge herself behind the fridge or attempt to scale the dustbin or climb up onto […]

Fish & chips in Freo

By sheer coincidence my Aunt and Uncle were in Perth at the same time that we were and we met them for a slap up fish & chip lunch in Fremantle. Mum, Ron, the girls and I had gone for coffee in Fremantle on our second day in Perth but we didn’t really see much of […]

Family holiday – recap

I have to start blogging more regularily again, I miss it. So here is our family holiday in recaps. I bet you are wondering if I am ever going to go on holiday and then COMPLETE a recap in posts on the blog. I don’t think I have done it yet, let it be a […]

Housesick as opposed to homesick

Ron is taking Amy out for the afternoon, Stella is going to have a sleep and I am going to get on top of the clutter, mess and unpacking in this house. I know I will feel better when its done but the job just feels so daunting right now. I wish I was back […]

Trying to catch up with life

I am still trying to catch up to real life since getting back from Perth. We had the best time away, truly special memories made with my Mum and Dad, close family time, restful, relaxing and rejuvenating! But its hard being home, washing to be done, meals to be made and children to wrestle, cuddle […]

Holiday heaven

We are having the best time in Perth. We have been staying in a gorgeous house right on the beach in Cottesloe, or Cott as the locals call it. Fish and chip suppers, lazy afternoons, chilled wine while watching the sun set. Its so good being here and so special sharing it with my Mum […]

Stella is nine months old – an update

Stella is nine months old. Her seven month milestone passed in a frantic blur as I tried to get organised for our holiday to South Africa. She celebrated by getting herself up onto all fours from lying on her stomach. I was convinced she would crawl immediately but she waited for her eight month birthday […]

We’re back……………….

And the jetlag is horrific, the homesickness is desperate and the heat is exhausting! Also I was in such a state of holiday stupor before we left that I forgot to update my portable harddrive with all the photos I downloaded from various cameras whilst on holiday and so now I only have a few […]

Still on holiday…..

Normal posting to resume next week.

Heaven is a beach on earth

We have just got back from 12 days at the beach. It was the most blissful, relaxed, happy, fun time we could have asked for. We stayed at our family holiday flat right in the dunes and fell asleep listening to the waves every night. You can see Mum in her red sarong on the […]

A bit of this, a bit of that

Our holiday so far, in pictures. Amy slept a few hours on the flight then went to bed at 8pm and woke a few hours later at 12.30am. She was awake all the way through until 11am that morning when we finally convinced her to have a nap. Getting her to sleep was a problem, […]

Stella travels to South Africa

Photos in this post are from the party we had for Mum’s 60th, my reason for travelling back to South Africa. It was a painting party held at a boutique hotel just outside of Johannesburg followed by a gourmet picnic in the hotel grounds! I was going to include this in Stella’s four month update […]

Stella and her Gogga

When I was home in South Africa I took the chance to take some photos of Stella with her Gogga, Packet and Tannie Liv. Somehow we managed to align our timings so Stella was up and awake and we had a little fun with the camera. For such a smiley baby, its very difficult to […]

The bathroom at Mum and Dad’s

Since I last went home for a visit, Mum and Dad have extended and built the best bathroom IN THE WORLD. Seriously, its got all the best bits of every bathroom they have ever loved in one room. The biggest bath I have ever had the pleasure of immersing myself in. The best shower, a […]


I am so sorry for the lack of posts, I really am working on some, I promise. In the meantime I am going to bed at 7.30pm tonight, the repeated night wakings are wreaking havoc on my ability to function as a parent and both Amy and I are suffering as a result. Stella on […]

Where I have been

and no, it wasn’t sleep training. Sorry for the little white lie, rumour travels fast in cyberspace so I got Ron to publish a post on the day I was travelling! I think that this last week is the longest I have gone without updating the blog. I had good reason. For three weeks my […]

Mumbai part III

The last of my Mumbai photos. Above is the old taxi that I took a day tour of some temples in. No aircon but it was loads of fun! Water tanker truck. These were all over the city and beautifully decorated. Not sure how safe these trucks were but they looked gorgeous. Inside a temple. […]

Mumbai part II

Some more photos from my stay in Mumbai. This sunset is taken from the pool deck of the Hilton Hotel where I stayed. Looking the other way you can see the bay and the promenade which was flooded with people every night. I attempted to go for a walk one evening but the sheer volume […]


I mentioned before that Ron and I went to see Slumd0g Millionaire on the weekend. I have long had a fascination with all things Indian and this was raised to new levels in 2005 when I travelled to Mumbai on business. I spent two weeks in the city, working in our offices and living in […]

Pregnancy catch up

Monday 8th December – 22 weeks pregnant. Big pregnancy catch up! We had our 19 week scan and it was as simple and easy as could be. The technician whizzed around my belly and pronounced our baby perfect in every way and then asked us if we had any questions. So long as its all […]

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