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Teething and chocolate

Amy and I have both been feeling a bit down this week, its a combination of teething (and less sleep!) rainy weather that reminds me of London (and bizarrely makes me feel homesick!) and just reaching that point where we really need to be moving on with being here and getting settled. The mood is […]

Crawling and new teeth – Amy 7 months 1 week

As well as learning to crawl this week, Amy has been growing some big old front teeth! The crawling is traumatic enough without the teeth and Amy has been fractious and grumpy. And I finally have justification to apply for a “bad mum” award – Amy fell off the bed! Thankfully she didn’t fall far […]

Swimming and eating

The last photos I uploaded were of Amy growing teeth. We had two long days of unhappiness but then they both popped out completely and she has been fine since. We spent ten days at Christmas down the South Coast with my parents and sister and had such a special time. We took Amy swimming […]

Teeth! Amy’s first tooth – aged 5 months

THIS is whats been keeping Amy so occupied the last few days!

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