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Snaggle tooth
Snaggle tooth

Look who finally lost her top tooth! Its been wobbling like mad for weeks now and the last few days have been intense, I have taken lots of photos of her face with this little skew tooth sticking out because I knew how different she would look once it fell out. Sure enough we were […]

Another milestone!
Another milestone!

Amy has had her first wobbly tooth since her last day of preschool back in December. She has been very unsure of it and almost scared for it to fall out, convinced that it was going to hurt or sting so as a result she has hardly wobbled it at all. Amazing really that it […]

Milestones, beginnings, endings.

Tomorrow will be a special day in the White Household. Its Amy’s last day at preschool. It feels like yesterday that she was off for her first day. This is such a bittersweet milestone for us as parents and for me in particular. Our relationship with Amy’s little preschool has been such a wonderful one. […]

On my mind

Amy’s illustration of our family, I drew ME second from left then she completed the picture. I am so exhausted. I am comparing this feeling of complete weariness to back when Stella was a newborn. I have had the same kind of broken, stressful sleep over the last week or so and now my body […]

Sometimes parenting is hard. Really hard.

Its been one of those weeks. You know “those” weeks. When everything is hard work and parenting is not fun and my children are pushing all my buttons. I had a revelation today when I was hanging out the washing, I really don’t have anything for me, really mine. I am working hard to get […]

Open wide

We had our annual trip to the Dentist last week. The experience reminded me that now that we are a family of four I really do need to rethink how we do some activities. Booking a family appointment at 3pm meant everyone sat around in the waiting room for two hours as Ron, Amy and […]

Food fun

Stella is not the tidiest eater. In fact Stella is a lot more messy than her sister ever was. She loves nothing more than tasting a mouthful of food, then spitting it out into her hands and smearing it across her highchair table, in her hair, squishing it between her fingers and generally making a […]

Stella is nine months old – an update

Stella is nine months old. Her seven month milestone passed in a frantic blur as I tried to get organised for our holiday to South Africa. She celebrated by getting herself up onto all fours from lying on her stomach. I was convinced she would crawl immediately but she waited for her eight month birthday […]


I have so much going on right now, not so much actual day-to-day although we are getting back into our school term routine, playgroup, dancing, preschool and playdates. I just have a lot going on in my head, plans and ideas and things and not really enough time to work them all out! I am […]

Stella’s tooth

Not that you would believe me after my recent photo trickery! But this time its actually Stella’s mouth. Although you can’t really see the little fang, its there and I wanted to record it for posterity. Also to remind me why I am so tired, and why I had to get up so many times […]

Teeth – 6 months 2 weeks and 2 days

Guess who got her first tooth today? At six months, two weeks and two days. That would be Stella of course, although for the purists amoung you this photo is actually of Amy’s first tooth, taken when she was five months and one week. I didn’t try and get a photo of Stella today, the […]

Brushing, flossing and seeing the Dentist

We were talking teeth yesterday and I realised I can’t quite remember when Amy got her last molars, I think it was just after we got back from the UK in February but I will have to go back over the archives to confirm that. Its been blissful ever since, well apart from the fact […]

Hand, foot and mouth virus – the mystery unfolds

Right, so as it turns out Amy wasn’t teething last week, in fact she had Hand, Foot and Mouth Virus. The reason why I now know this? The coxsackie virus A16 is exhibited by mouth ulcers in adults. Aahhaa, its all falling into place now, the mysterious teething symtoms without the teeth, not eating, irritability […]

Amy is back to her deightful self

The difference in Amy this week to Amy last week is phenomenal. Right now she is down for a nap, its 9.23am, she woke up gently at 7.30 while I was pottering around the kitchen after an early morning yoga class. I asked her about ten minutes ago if she was tired and she said […]

Unhappy Amy – Part II

You know what this means right? Another bad day in the White house. Hmmm. Amy is drooling, dribbling, clutching at her mouth, off her food and crying ALL THE TIME. I guess its another episode of teething. Its strange though because I really wasn’t expecting this much drama for the next teeth, I should have […]

Amy’s 1st trip to the dentist

Yesterday was a big milestone for Amy, she had her first appointment at the Dentist. My Mum is a dental hygienist and as a result I know how important it is to take care of my child’s teeth, however that is not the actual reason for making the appointment! The truth is that I have […]

Teeth and brushing them

This is whats been bothering Amy on and off now for nearly two months! The bottom molar on her right is completely through but no sign of the left other than a very swollen gum. Upstairs they are struggling on to come through. This could be another reason why Amy is not eating as well […]

Walking and catching up

Mum and Dad are here and its wonderful, apart from the jetlag, deathly colds and major teething issues! (Try work out which belongs to whom!) My birthday was lovely, very quiet and uneventful but a real treat to have both my parents here to celebrate with me. Amy has been loving the attention and chose […]

How I feel about teething

How I feel about teething……………. Why do babies go through all the trauma of growing teeth only to lose them one by one when they start turning four or five? Surely mankind has evolved enough to sort this out? How about this for a solution. Your baby has turned one, started walking and can speak […]

Amy – 9 months old

Amy is nine months old. In her short life so far she has been on seven flights, two of those long haul. She has had two lots of antibiotics, one at two weeks to treat a mysterious infection, one more recently for a slight ear infection and she has had two notable bumps on the […]

Surfers night away

We left Ronita, Saskia and Alan on Saturday morning and drove down to the Gold Coast, stopping in on Ron’s old school friend Rick along the way. Ron had arranged everything for these two nights and all I knew was we were staying in a hotel in Surfers Paradise. Some people questioned us when we […]

Dr Mummy

Amy is in such a good mood since the antibiotics have started working. The Dr was pretty useless last week and said that her ears were slightly red but the snotty nose could be teething as could the waking at night. She suggested I “keep an eye on her” for the next couple of days […]

Teething, breastfeeding and biting

Guess who is teething again?!?! Amy now has 6 teeth!! The top left has come through, I need to try and take a photo of it to show Mum. She can identify whether this is the illusive missing tooth that Amy might or might not have depending on if she has inherited my father’s genetic […]


A proper look at those two front fangs! These are also why I should have started finger foods earlier with Amy. I have been jabbed a number of times when trying to fish bits of melon or biscuit out of her mouth to save her choking! Thankfully along with teeth comes the ability to chew […]

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