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Stella – the speech edition
Stella - the speech edition

I know that everyone has a story about their brother/best friend/sister’s child who didn’t talk until they were three and then one morning they just started talking in full sentences. But what they don’t or can’t tell you is what was happening in the lead up to that eventful birthday. Was this child making meaningful […]

Same, same but different.
Same, same but different.

The main thing that Ron and I took away from the 45 minute assessment we had with the speech pathologist last Tuesday, was that although we have two daughters, we need to parent them as though we had one ape and one donkey. (Don’t make me tell you which daughter is which!) It was an […]

Taking the next step
Taking the next step

With all the excitement and build-up to the #AusBlogCon2011, I neglected to update the blog about Stella’s hearing test on Friday. It comes as no suprise that she passed with flying colours. Her hearing system is working perfectly, her middle ear is fully functional and there is absolutely no cause for concern with the amount […]

Thank you
Thank you

Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post. Your input has confirmed what I think I already knew, in a situation like this where there are so many possible variables and outcomes, the best place to start is with those things that can be eliminated. Testing Stella’s hearing will either give […]

Talking about talking
Talking about talking

Stella is now 22 months old and still not talking. It is probably a good time to provide the back story for the sake of record keeping. I have only mentioned Stella’s speech a few times on the blog, back when she was 9 months old and Amy started preschool for the first time I […]

Stella is 16 months and 2 weeks old

Stella is 16 months and 2 weeks old. She has 12 teeth which is two less than Amy at this age (but that is another post for another day.) She sleeps from 7pm until 6.30am and has a dummy but isn’t as attached to it as her sister was. Stella likes to climb and hide behind things. She […]

Stella is nine months old – an update

Stella is nine months old. Her seven month milestone passed in a frantic blur as I tried to get organised for our holiday to South Africa. She celebrated by getting herself up onto all fours from lying on her stomach. I was convinced she would crawl immediately but she waited for her eight month birthday […]

Amy is 2 years and 9 months

Amy is exactly two years and nine months old today. I need to write a quick update about where she is at in her life, before it changes forever and she becomes a big sister. I used to be good at updating Amy’s milestones but since she turned two I seem to have run out […]

Amy – happy at 2 and 1 month

In some twisted miracle after I last posted about Amy being revolting, the opposite happened in real life. This in itself is amazing, usually its the other way around, you tell someone about how well your child sleeps/eats/plays and then the very next day your perfect child refuses to nap/throws food around the kitchen/bites their […]

Conversations with Amy – 23 months

Its easy to forget that there was ever a time when we didn’t converse reciprocally with Amy. She has a lot to say for someone who isn’t even two years old yet. I wanted to take a few moments to record some of her more memorable phrases. I know these will change so quickly and […]

White house dialogue

White house dialogue, 7.10am Thursday 5th June 2008. (Amy in her cot in her bedroom, Ron and Sarah in bed) AMY: Amy wake, dolly wake, morning! RON: hmmmmm, umph, grrrrrrm SARAH: umph. AMY: mummy, mummy, mummy, Amy wake! SARAH: Your turn. Grgh. (Sarah turns over, Ron gets up) AMY: DADDY, DADDY, DADDY, AMY WAKE! RON: […]

Amy – 22 months part I

Amy – 22 months Part I Amy is 22 months and 2 weeks old and its time for another milestone post. I have been thinking about Amy’s development a lot recently whilst my sister has been staying with us. Liv has noticed things about Amy that I had taken for granted and through Liv’s eyes […]

At home with Tannie Liv

The weather is atrocious in Sydney, dark, cold, damp days and so Liv and Amy and I are using the excuse to stay home and play. There is something deliciously luxurious about deliberately staying in your pjamas until lunchtime and not feeling guilty for doing so! Amy loves having her “Tannie” to stay and its […]

Amy – talking and biting – 21 months

Things Amy said in the car on the way to fetch Ron from work yesterday: “Mummy, dolly got toes” “Mama, cars go broom, broom” “plane plane plane” “Daddy gone le work” “naks Mummy, naks pleese” “bye, bye coptercopter” “water go le pughoo” “amy bited alum Mummy naughty” Yes, my child bit her best friend in […]

The funniest and best video EVER
Amy – 20 months – Part II

PART II Teething might have had an effect on some of these afternoon sleeps because Amy is getting all four of her next molars. The Right top and bottom have come through and the left top and bottom are on their way. Even though people have said that these second set of molars were a […]

Amy – 20 months – Part I

Part I I am long overdue a post about Amy and where she is at in her life. Its been a hectic few months since Christmas and once again time seems to be getting away with me so I have decided to slow it all down and make sure that I take the time to […]

Amy – 17 months

Amy is 17 months old today. According to babycenter she is becoming easier to understand now that she combines pointing with a word or two and her growing independence is asserting itself in numerous ways. This is certainly true of Amy who will climb up onto the table that the laptop is on, all the […]

My mouth and Amy’s talking – 16.5 months

Talking about ‘talking’ or not in my case when my tongue looked like this earlier in the week! I have never felt particularily competitive about how Amy measures up to other children the same age. Its wonderful being a part of a group of women with babies born around the same time and I desperately […]

Tantrums – Amy 16 months

The pics accompanying this post are old. I have been sorting through the archives again trying to keep my hundreds and thousands of photos in some kind of order, its an ongoing job!Amy had a proper public tantrum today. Deb and Scott and the kids are down from Brisbane staying with Deb’s folks for a […]

Trying to talk – Amy 15.5 months

Amy is definitely trying to talk more. Last week I had a chat with one of the lovely ladies at the gym creche and she agreed with me that we think Amy is talking lots ie. making verbal noises at the appropriate times, but not actually trying to communicate verbally. Its amazing how quickly these […]

Amy – 15 months

Amy has a great sense of humour but is not quick to laugh. Once I get her started I carry on and on and on because its the most delicious sound! She finds the strangest things delightful but I can usually get a giggle by tickling her under the armpits or poking her in the […]

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