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Through a lens.
Through a lens.

In 1994 I was 17 years old, I had just finished high school and was on my way to study a Bachelor of Journalism in a small university town in South Africa. I was young, so very young and so very idealistic. I had great belief that I was going to change the world and […]

World Cup 2010

I just have to direct you to a wonderful blog post by Tertia, one of South Africa’s most liked bloggers. I think she has captured the essence of what it means to feel so desperately proud to be South African during this World Cup. Please go and read the article she links to at the […]

Waka Waka! This time for Africa – go Bafana Bafana!

(This was supposed to be posted on Friday but two bottles of wine and a vodka nightcap got the better of me – I have spent the rest of the weekend feeling rather poorly!) Anyone who knows me will know that I am proudly South African despite being born in Cardiff, Wales! I grew up […]

Stella is nine months old – an update

Stella is nine months old. Her seven month milestone passed in a frantic blur as I tried to get organised for our holiday to South Africa. She celebrated by getting herself up onto all fours from lying on her stomach. I was convinced she would crawl immediately but she waited for her eight month birthday […]

We’re back……………….

And the jetlag is horrific, the homesickness is desperate and the heat is exhausting! Also I was in such a state of holiday stupor before we left that I forgot to update my portable harddrive with all the photos I downloaded from various cameras whilst on holiday and so now I only have a few […]

Still on holiday…..

Normal posting to resume next week.

Heaven is a beach on earth

We have just got back from 12 days at the beach. It was the most blissful, relaxed, happy, fun time we could have asked for. We stayed at our family holiday flat right in the dunes and fell asleep listening to the waves every night. You can see Mum in her red sarong on the […]

A bit of this, a bit of that

Our holiday so far, in pictures. Amy slept a few hours on the flight then went to bed at 8pm and woke a few hours later at 12.30am. She was awake all the way through until 11am that morning when we finally convinced her to have a nap. Getting her to sleep was a problem, […]

Stella travels to South Africa

Photos in this post are from the party we had for Mum’s 60th, my reason for travelling back to South Africa. It was a painting party held at a boutique hotel just outside of Johannesburg followed by a gourmet picnic in the hotel grounds! I was going to include this in Stella’s four month update […]

Stella and her Gogga

When I was home in South Africa I took the chance to take some photos of Stella with her Gogga, Packet and Tannie Liv. Somehow we managed to align our timings so Stella was up and awake and we had a little fun with the camera. For such a smiley baby, its very difficult to […]

The bathroom at Mum and Dad’s

Since I last went home for a visit, Mum and Dad have extended and built the best bathroom IN THE WORLD. Seriously, its got all the best bits of every bathroom they have ever loved in one room. The biggest bath I have ever had the pleasure of immersing myself in. The best shower, a […]


I am so sorry for the lack of posts, I really am working on some, I promise. In the meantime I am going to bed at 7.30pm tonight, the repeated night wakings are wreaking havoc on my ability to function as a parent and both Amy and I are suffering as a result. Stella on […]

Where I have been

and no, it wasn’t sleep training. Sorry for the little white lie, rumour travels fast in cyberspace so I got Ron to publish a post on the day I was travelling! I think that this last week is the longest I have gone without updating the blog. I had good reason. For three weeks my […]

My very own Bobby

Look what Ron got me for my birthday! My very own Bobby! Very exciting – story to follow. Liv, even though you are off with the fairies at the Grahamstown fest, this pic is especially for YOU!!!

Introducing Amy to my friends

Amy met a few more of my friends in South Africa. Here we are with the lovely Stu. Here Amy is trying to hide under her hat whilst sitting on my friend Jewel’s husband Dieter! And here is Amy with Jewels.


Amy got into the Christmas spirit! And enjoyed our non-traditional African Christmas tree. This was all Mum’s idea, she bought a wire Baobab tree and a few bags of beads and the night before we left to go down the coast we all sat round making decorations. The finished product was amazing!

Swimming and eating

The last photos I uploaded were of Amy growing teeth. We had two long days of unhappiness but then they both popped out completely and she has been fine since. We spent ten days at Christmas down the South Coast with my parents and sister and had such a special time. We took Amy swimming […]

Teeth! Amy’s first tooth – aged 5 months

THIS is whats been keeping Amy so occupied the last few days!

Introducing my baby to my friends

Amy was very lucky to meet Bryan-who-shall-be-known-as-Bryan whilst in Cape Town. She was very taken with him which was really cute! We also had a visit from Noleen who made sure to have plenty of cuddles with Amy. These pics are taken well after Amy’s normal bedtime but sometimes you have to be allowed to […]


Its been so hot on our travels that we are trying to ensure Amy is kept well hydrated.

Table Mountain – Cape Town

One of the (only) benefits of waking up extra early on holiday are that you miss the crowds at the tourist destinations. We caught the first or second cable car up Table Mountain and enjoyed our views without too many other people. It was a spectacular day with clear views all round and the kind […]

Amy sleeps in a cupboard

Ron and I saw a lot of sunrises whilst staying in Cape Town! The flat we were in was gorgeous, on Clifton Beach No. 1 overlooking beaches 2, 3 and 4, but with lots of filmy white curtains and openplan living it meant Amy was waking at 4.30am and wanting to play. We took turns […]

Cape Town – Great Granny Grace

We’re back!! And almost on our way again. The Drakensberg was lovely, very hot but lots of fun. We left Amy with a Nanny both nights and had dinner and a few drinks with the friends we were there with. I felt strange leaving Amy but she was absolutely fine and it was loads of […]

Amy’s first international flight

On our touchdown in Johannesburg. Amy had a good flight, she slept pretty much the whole way apart from when we were delayed an hour taking off (she cried!) and when we had to take her out the bassinet cot when the pilot put on the seatbelt sign (she woke up and cried!) Ron and […]

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