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Ron’s skinny chicken leg

I haven’t updated the blog on Ron’s leg for a while. Its two months tomorrow since he turned awkwardly whilst playing his rugby grand final and twisted his knee. 8 weeks since he had a routine arthroscopy and the surgeon discovered that he was missing a large chunk of articular cartilage on his knee joint […]

The end of the dream

Saturday was a very sad day in the White household. Ron’s rugby team had all four grades in the Grand Final and in a desperate record breaking run of terrible luck, poor play and broken dreams – all four grades lost. I don’t want to go into too much detail because it still hurts to […]

Happy Mothers Day

A happy White family at the rugby yesterday. It was great fun showing off Stella in her sling, people were amazed I was wearing her, most of the other new Mums had the prams with all the STUFF and hadn’t really considered wearing their babies. Amy was in her element running around and playing with […]

Weekends away, pregnancy meltdowns and parenting failures

(Amy looks like I feel) I am struggling this week. Its a combination of things really, but I have been feeling a bit funny emotionally after our weekend away in Mudgee. It was a rugby weekend, the club arranged for a bit of an end-of-season hoorah for some of the 1st grade team, they put […]

My name is Lola

Amy had a blast watching Ron WIN his semi-final at rugby last weekend. This means they go onto the Grand Final the weekend after next, it also means that the rugby season is seriously dragging out this year, but hey, they are winners so I can’t be too grumpy. Amy made friends with three other […]

Rugby energy

While Mum was here she cut down and sewed up a mini rugby jersey for Amy to wear when we go and watch Ron play. Its the most adorable thing and she loves it! Everyone wanted to know where I got it last weekend at rugby and couldn’t believe it when I said Mum made […]

Blue mountains montage

Another flashback montage! Whilst Liv was here Ron had a rugby game up in the Blue Mountains against the same club as last year. We drove up early again because we weren’t going to stay over this time and we made it to the look out at the three sisters before the coaches arrived. The […]

Liv’s trip in a few simple photos

SORRY! No time to blog, we have been too busy enjoying the sunshine, finally and doing the following: Drinking shandys at Darling Harbour. Pulling silly faces in the Blue Mountains. Attending tupperware parties with one million children! Drinking babycino’s. Making zucchini pickles for the church market day. Eating ice-cream whilst watching seagulls. Looking nice for […]

Rugby jersey no. 10

Just in case you thought Amy only existed in the past, particularily in photos of our trip to the UK here are some more current photos of Amy wearing Ron’s rugby jersey and being adorable.

Rugby trials and sunburn

On Saturday Amy and I accompanied Ron to rugby trials for his club. Ron went along to give some moral support and to have a run around, Amy and I went along to get a sunburn, although we didn’t know this at the time. The trials were up at the Central Coast at a ground […]

Rugby World Cup

I can’t describe how happy I am, it was a fair and honest game of rugby and the best team won!

Ron’s fat ankle

A few quick pics, I am so tired, we have been so busy, which is lovely, but phew, tiring! This is Ron’s ankle a few weeks ago after a bad sprain at rugby. He had physio last week and he is cleared to play again, but there will be risks involved. I think Ron is […]

Amy and Daddy

Ron had prepared a little birthday suprise for both Amy and I. I supposed that when he wore his rugby jersey on the morning of Amy’s birthday it was in support of the Wallabies, however he actually just wanted to match Amy when she opened her special present from him! (who looks more excited in […]

My very own Bobby

Look what Ron got me for my birthday! My very own Bobby! Very exciting – story to follow. Liv, even though you are off with the fairies at the Grahamstown fest, this pic is especially for YOU!!!

Rugby in the mountains

This past weekend Ron, Amy and I went up to the Blue Mountains. Ron was playing for the Hunters Hill Second team against the Blue Mountains Rugby club and some friends, Tommy and Sandy were planning to staying for the night. Sandy found a nice little guest house in Katoomba and we drove up early […]

1st grade rugby try

Ron and I are eating like kings thanks to some Grandma luck on Saturday at the rugby. Amy and I went up to Boronia Park to watch Ron play first grade for Hunters Hill. Margaret was looking after Amy whilst I ran up and down the tryline taking photos. Would you believe it, but I […]

Super rugby

Ron and I were invited by Margaret and David to watch the Waratahs v. Highlanders game the other weekend. The game was most depressing until the last ten minutes when the Waratahs scored two last minute tries to almost win the game. We enjoyed the beer and the company instead! Gareth and Jade joined us […]

Ron’s last rugby match for Barnes RFC

Tannie Liv has been wonderful helping out the last few days. I am so glad we get to spend this time with her here in London and even better, we get to share our holiday in South Africa with her too. Yesterday Amy was a willing spectator at Ron’s last rugby game for the Barnes […]

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