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What we did today

This morning was such a beautiful Sydney winter morning that we decided to decamp onto the deck. Amy was busy painting while Stella enjoyed the view and I prepared morning tea. (Cruskits with cream cheese, tomato, avo and ham and a side of sliced apple) While changing Amy this morning she decided to wear pants. […]

Extreme weather

It has rained off and on for the last week. Not gentle, soothing rain either, instead its been torrential and thunderous rain. Lots of it. This is wonderful, water is such a precious commodity here in Australia and I never really understood that. Its something that is so easy to take for granted, turning on […]

More gardening

Its time for another gardening update. This weekend we ate our first crop of rocket and it was fantastic! I used it in a chicken and asparagus risotto, as the lettuce on our mexican turkey burgers and then chopped it finally with lots of mint from the veg patch in a cous-cous and roasted peppers […]

Rose garden

Do you remember how the roses looked pre and post-pruning? Well this is how they looked last week and I will have to add another photo of how they look now, they have just gone mad! I am so excited to see what happens when they flower! Yay, my first pruning experience and I didn’t […]

Roses and gardening

Ron and I are starting to realise how much work having a garden really is! We have never tended a garden before, our small courtyard garden in London had some ivy and three pots which didn’t take much effort. But Ron is persistent and has a green thumb, he even managed to grow two tomatoes […]

My roses

And time for some quick artsy photos of the roses I picked from our garden on Amy’s birthday. They were buds that opened, opened even wider and then eventually dropped all their lucious, waxy red petals after about ten days. Now we just need to prune them before it gets too late!

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