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Ron has a baby

A little taster of the type of photo coming tomorrow with “The BIG pregnancy post”…….. This is Ron, posing so I can get the camera and tripod lined up. This is how we took my belly shots last pregnancy so each week I just had to step up to the mark and the camera and […]


Pregnant ladies should be banned from reading this site. Is it so wrong to admit that I want to eat almost everything on it?

Goodbye possums

Right, what was I talking about? Hmmm. I can’t remember. That is the story of my day-to-day existence right now. I cannot maintain a stream of thought or a conversation. Midway through saying something my mind will short out and I will just stand there and stare at the person I was talking to, hoping […]


Is the world trying to tell me something? I sat down at my computer for my regular breakfast fix in Google Reader and as I was sipping my coffee and eating my peanut butter toast I realised everyone was blogging about the same or similar things. Over at Kicky Boots one of my favourite bloggers, […]

Amy talks to my bump

That pregnancy post is coming, but right now I need to relocate to the couch with a packet of chocolate digestives. I will leave you with Amy talking to my bump.

32 weeks – will I sleep again?

These pics are from a few weeks ago when it was still hot, however they are pretty representative of what our weekend has consisted of – going stir crazy cooped up indoors with LOTS of rain outside! Its crazy thinking back to this time last week when its was 40 degrees in the shade and […]

Sleep, dummys and poo

So it looks like I did speak too soon. Friday and Saturday nights must have been a coincidence and Sunday night was pure fluke (falling asleep mid story.) Monday night she screamed herself hoarse for 2 hours until eventually I sat with her until she fell asleep and tonight its been just over 2 hours […]


The scale of the Victorian bushfire disaster is still unfolding and I can’t watch or listen anymore. My pregnancy hormones are just too unstable and I find myself replaying stories over and over in my mind. The last minutes of families trapped in their cars as the firestorm rages towards them. Thousands of people are […]


It feels wrong somehow to write a frivilous post about how we are keeping cool in Sydney’s 45 degree (113 fah) heatwave when more than 60 people have been killed in terrible bushfires in Victoria. We had a very busy day yesterday, beach in the morning, home in the afternoon until a powercut (!??!?!?!) sent […]


On Saturday the temperature in Sydney was predicted to rise above 40 degrees again, the fourth day in a row of above 35 degree temp days. I was sick and tired of staying indoors with the aircon on and arguing with Amy about who could watch their tv show so we threw the bag of […]

5 year wedding anniversary

Ron and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary yesterday by going out for dinner with friends whilst Amy spent the night with Grandma and Grandad. This morning we had a leisurely start followed by breakfast on the deck with the papers and we are going to head off now to watch Slumd0g Millionaire before […]


Its still so hot here in Sydney that I am starting to wilt. Pregnancy is tiring and I am realising I might just need to cut myself some slack and stop stressing about sitting indoors in my pants with the aircon on. Afternoons are the worst, I feel tired, unmotivated, sweaty, irritable and grumpy. Still […]

Hot headed

I am tired, but finally cooler after two scorching days. The temp topped 42 degrees celcius or 107.6 fahrenheit this afternoon so Amy and I stayed inside, doors and windows closed, blinds drawn with the aircon on. The heat still gets to me and I have been feeling sweaty, irritable, grumpy and Amy and I […]

26 weeks pregnant

Monday 5th January – 26 weeks pregnant. I made it through the festive season without gaining too much weight which is something I feel inordinately proud of. So far my weight gain this pregnancy has been minimal, about 2kgs up from my starting weight although I did lose a lot of weight to begin with […]

Free chocolate

Yesterday was the second anniversary of our arrival in Australia. On the 6th January, 2007 we flew into Sydney from Johannesburg after a 6 week holiday in South Africa. I remember feeling excited, nervous and homesick/confused, not sure whether I was missing my family or my friends, or my old life or London or all […]

Big girl bed and other milestones

A month or so before Christmas I was looking through some junkmail catalogues and came across a special for Dora the Explorer bed linen. Amy saw the pictures and said she wanted it. I asked her if she wanted a big girl’s bed for Christmas and she was very enthusiastic. Later that week we popped […]

Having a baby

I can’t believe we are having a baby this year! Its always been “next year” this and “next year” that and now suddenly 2009 is upon us and in a few short months we are going to be parents all over again. In order to keep track of how much time we have left before […]

Belly shots – 23 weeks

I promised my Mum I would put some more belly pics up despite the depression that overcame me after I actually saw them! Not taking any belly pics this time around means I am obviously living in denial about my actual bump. Thankfully I have finally come to my senses and yesterday I rushed out […]

Pregnancy catch up

Monday 8th December – 22 weeks pregnant. Big pregnancy catch up! We had our 19 week scan and it was as simple and easy as could be. The technician whizzed around my belly and pronounced our baby perfect in every way and then asked us if we had any questions. So long as its all […]

Pregnancy journalling

Sunday 9th November – 18 weeks pregnant MOVEMENT!!!!! I am so far behind on my pregnancy journal but that’s no excuse to stop. Sydney is being lashed by a fantastic thunder storm right now which is welcome relief after the scorching heat of the day. At 6pm the house was still stuffy and humid, the […]

A bad day

Yesterday was a bad day, Amy is not showing any visible symptoms of her cold/virus from earlier in the week but is acting like a small child possessed. We are battling each other on every little thing, every task, meal, snack, nap, nappy change. Everything is a fight in the White house this week and […]

Pregnancy journalling with belly shots

A pregnancy belly montage, from last pregnancy. This time round I won’t start taking photos until later when my jelly-like belly morphs into a round pregnancy belly rather than a ‘look who ate all the pies’ type belly. (From left to right, top to bottom: 18 weeks, 22 weeks, 26 weeks, 29 weeks, 31 weeks, […]

Pregnancy trivia

Pregnancy trivia fact number ONE: One of the positive side effects of pregnancy (and pregnancy multi-vitamins) has been my amazing growing fingernails. These things are like talons, hard, unbreakable and LONG. Like a couple of other things around here (clean laundry pile, I am looking at you!) my nails have been neglected whilst I spent […]

A pregnancy butt kicking

I am hoping my butterfly picture will be a good analogy and I start to feel better as my anti-nausea medication kicks in. We had an Obstetrician appointment yesterday afternoon and it was a relief to admit to someone just how bad I have been feeling. We still can’t work out whether I have had […]

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