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I need to spend some time on my to-do list, I have such a lot going on including Stella’s first birthday party this weekend and grand plans for an elaborate and fancy cake! In the meantime I am feeling reflective. This time last year I was over my due date and still feeling anxious and […]

This time last year…..

I have spent a lot of time over the last few days thinking back to Easter last year. Stella was due on Easter Sunday which fell on the 12th April 2009. It was a stressful time for me, I was worried about all of our support people being away on holiday and anxious about the […]

41 weeks and 1 day

41 weeks and 1 day Its very restful having my Mum here, we are spending a lot of time starting conversations and not finishing them, knowing that we have weeks to complete them. We are all being very considerate of how trying the waiting is and being gentle with each other. Hopefully we will have […]

41 weeks pregnant

41 weeks pregnant We are just lounging around the house this morning getting ready for the arrival of my Mum. Her flight gets in later this afternoon and I am BESIDES myself with excitement! Amy made a friend at the Aquarium. A little boy with whom she played in front of the Great Barrier Reef […]

Underwater – 40 weeks and 6 days

40 weeks and 6 days We had a fantastic day yesterday. It was wonderful to wake up with purpose for the first time in ages. I am sleeping so well that it almost seems sinful! I remember this from late last pregnancy. Its as though my body just gives into the discomfort and my subconcious […]

Pregnancy update – 40 weeks and 5 days

40 weeks and 5 days I forgot to post the remaining pics from our spontaneous photoshoot a couple of weeks ago. I really must remember to take another couple of belly shots tonight. To be honest, I never expected to be taking photos of my belly at this late stage, I thought I would be […]

Pregnancy update – 40 weeks and 4 days

40 weeks and 4 days No change overnight, Ron had a good sleep, I slept alright, was woken by some strong contractions, managed to sleep through most of the mild ones. Nothing escalated to what we have been advised to watch out for. Two strong contractions, lasting 45-50 seconds within ten minutes, for more than […]

Put your hands up and go into labour, not

40 weeks and 3 days I have had lots of suggestions from well meaning people about how to get this labour started. What no one has suggested was being involved in an armed robbery whilst out for coffee with a friend this morning. The brief story is this, Amy and I met up with a […]

Pregnancy update 40 weeks and 2 days

40 weeks and 2 days: Still here, my cold is much better although my cough is nasty so I think I might go to the Dr tomorrow just to check its not turning into anything horrible. Next Ob app on Thursday, my Mum arrives on Sunday! Your guess is as good as mine as to […]

Still pregnant

Happy Easter everyone! I know that I shouldn’t go missing online when people are wondering if I have gone into labour. Just a quick heads up for those of you who are bothered, when I don’t update the blog, I might still send a quick twitter, so take a look over there to the right […]

Night coughing

Nothing much to say because I don’t really have anything nice to say. I woke up in a terrible mood yesterday and am struggling to shake it despite glorious autumn weather. A couple of things that are bugging me, without going into too much detail: my obstetrician is away for a week so now I […]

39 weeks pregnant and happy

39 Weeks Pregnant and feeling great! I can’t complain. I am well rested and prepared. My house is clean, my husband is excited, my daughter knows she is loved more than anything by her Mummy and Daddy and she loves the baby inside my tummy, as she likes to tell me often.

One week to go

Amy already loving the baby, one week to go…

Still here

Still here, wow this pregnancy thing is full on in the blogging/tweeting/facebook era! Last time round I just ignored my phone if I didn’t feel like disclosing how tired/grumpy/fat I was feeling. Now I have a veritable gallery of options available for having a moan. Hips ache? FB status update. Belly cramping? Tweet it at […]

Pregnancy update – 38 weeks 4 days

I was thinking I should probably be updating daily, at least to let you all know I am still here! I don’t have much to say other than woah I am exhausted! Its definitely the pointy end of this pregnancy and I have pretty much hit the wall. My body is holding up well, aching […]


After another day spent at home in our pj’s we were all feeling a little grouchy on Saturday morning. Ron’s cold had returned, his back was sore and he was feeling pretty miserable. I was feeling marginally better although still coughing with a deep rattling sound that caused an ache deep inside my belly and […]


If the worst things about this pregnancy have been violent morning sickness (which helped me regulate my weight gain and healthy eating) and a couple of nasty colds, then I really can’t complain, can I? Well thats until now that is. Whilst sitting on the couch watching my belly undulate from side to side this […]

Pregnancy update – 37 weeks

37 Weeks Pregnant – FULL TERM – hah, hah, hah. Apart from the nasty cold virus I am recovering from, I am still feeling pretty good. My body has stiffened up somewhat after a weekend spent lying around. That was the worst thing about feeling so sick, all I wanted to do was lie down […]

Pregnancy photos – 37 weeks

I am slowly recovering from a horrible cold. Trust me, there is nothing pleasant about the common cold when you are 37 weeks pregnant. Sneezing is like playing russian roulette and coughing brings on contractions. Blowing my nose hurts me in places it shouldn’t and every time I lay down my ears blocked up and […]


I am a funny contradiction in terms. I am a neat freak who happens to be very messy. Make any sense? Not really. My Mum will attest to this, I love being organised and having things in their right place but will happily toss my clothes on a chair when I take them off and […]

35.5 weeks pregnant and over it

Prepare yourselves for a pregnancy whinge fest ahead. I would strongly recommend you don’t read on it you are lacking patience or sympathy. I am completely aware that I don’t really have anything to have a proper moan about, but can’t help myself. Things I feel incapable of doing at the moment: dressing myself. I […]

Talking to the bump

A cringeworthy, sentimental video of me talking to my bump as it wriggles and kicks. Enjoy!

Pregnancy flashback

A little pregnancy flashback to when I was 33 weeks pregnant with Amy, still working in the Finance industry and living in London. Thursday 4th May 2006- 33 weeks and 2 days pregnant with Amy I didn’t want to get up this morning at all even though the weather forecast was for temperatures to hit […]

Pregnancy update – 33 weeks with photos

We had another short but sweet visit with our Obstetrician this morning. I have gained just under 2kgs in three weeks which brings my total weight gain to 5kgs since finding out I was pregnant. Its funny watching my weight so carefully this time around when last time I didn’t step on a scale in […]

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