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Hello possum

Remember the possum problem I blogged about briefly a few weeks ago? Where we finally got around to calling Bob the Possum man to come and take care of our unwanted guests living in our roof and ended up spending a sleepless night listening to a caged animal raging in our ceiling? Hmmm. Well, he/she […]

Goodbye possums

Right, what was I talking about? Hmmm. I can’t remember. That is the story of my day-to-day existence right now. I cannot maintain a stream of thought or a conversation. Midway through saying something my mind will short out and I will just stand there and stare at the person I was talking to, hoping […]

Poke a possum with a stick

If I told you a possum turned off our stove in our electrics box last night, would you believe me? Ask John, our friendly neighbourhood electrician who came over tonight to take a look. He backed away so fast from the box I thought he was going to fall down our stairs! Unfortunately instead of […]

Possum. The end

Right, so everyone has gone very quiet since my last post and I am fearful I have alienated friends, relatives, romans and countrymen with my archaic musings on what being a mum at home means to me! So onto more exciting news! Ron blocked the possum’s hole tonight! Wahooooo! This is very exciting news, except […]

Possums, magpies and Amy

As well as the Rainbow Lorikeets we have in our backyard, we are also plagued by Magpies. At Amy’s birthday party after we had all moved inside due to the cold, they descended enmasse and Ron counted more than 10 perched along the rails looking for food to scavenge. In fact one even swooped in […]

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