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Penthouse party.
Penthouse party.

At about 9.30 on Friday evening Ron mentioned that the rugby club president was having a party on Sunday afternoon. Apparently his apartment had a view of the Rocks and the Opera house where an amazing lightshow is currently on display. It was late, I was tired and in bed watching Notting Hill and didn’t […]

My precious…

Just checking in to say that today I dropped off my precious laptop to be fixed. I am hoping its not complicated and that they will call me early next week because of course the moment I tried to start up the clunking old pc in my bedroom, I got the blue screen of death. […]

Cross posting

I know I already posted this over at my Photography business website but I couldn’t resist putting it here too. This photo is growing on me. I think I was just too irritated with my muse after I took the photo to truly appreciate it! Sheesh but Amy annoys me, everytime I turn my camera on […]

A weekend away

Last weekend we waved the girls goodbye as Grandad drove them home to their house and then we sat in traffic for 50 minutes trying to get out of Sydney. Finally we hit the highway and it was just like the old days, Ron and Sarah on a roadtrip together. We were staying in a […]

What a weekend

Ron and I went to Brisbane for the weekend, on our own, without the girls, for a wedding. A very dear friend of ours married a wonderful woman and we had the best time celebrating with them. I took some photos but mostly just lived in the moment with my husband. It was like a […]

Do what I say, not what I do

Don’t worry, don’t panic loyal friends-in-the-internet! My internet holiday is from YOUR blogs, not mine. SO basically I am going to spend my time writing, taking photos and hanging out with my family instead of surfing my feed reader and catching up on what everyone else is doing. At the top of the Reichstag building […]

Lost mojo: reward offered

The wedding was great despite the extreme heat. The ceremony was outdoors but we all sheltered inside until it started and then raced back in to down cold drinks afterwards. The bride looked amazing, the groom got emotional which always gets to me and it was fabulous spending time with Ron and relaxing away from […]

Hot, hot, hot, hot…..

Today is HOT. Its currently 40.7 degrees C or 105.2 degrees F. Very, very, very HOT. For those of you reading in Sydney, you already know this. I hope, like us, you are tucked up indoors with the blinds down and the aircon turned up. Our little house is quite easy to cool down with […]

Cheese and whine

Careful, or Amy might turn you into a frog! Its 7.45pm on Sunday evening and I am off to bed. Ron and I went out last night, to a friend’s house down the road, for a cheese and wine party. Apart from conjouring up bad memories from university when Society evenings used to call a […]

Belly shots – 23 weeks

I promised my Mum I would put some more belly pics up despite the depression that overcame me after I actually saw them! Not taking any belly pics this time around means I am obviously living in denial about my actual bump. Thankfully I have finally come to my senses and yesterday I rushed out […]

Sydney, by night

I wish, wish, wish, wish I could take credit for these photos but sadly, I cannot. My sister took them when we went out for dinner with a friend at The Rocks. I did enhance them a little in photoshop but otherwise the honours must go to Liv. They are beautiful, the crispness of the […]

Organising and movie watching

I have just spent a delicious few hours in the dark of a cinema eating peanut m&m’s with handfuls of popcorn watching the s.ex and the city movie. I ended up catching the last three episodes of the S.ATC marathon last night and it was great seeing the final chapter in the tv show again. […]

Dear Neil

Dear Neil, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the massage on Wednesday afternoon. I know it was a last minute plan and we didn’t have much time to organise ourselves, but even after everything that went wrong, it really was a lovely massage. I particularily enjoyed the vigorous shoulder rub […]

Eating not working

I am exhausted! I worked Friday night and last night and both nights I didn’t get home until 11pm. What with showering and reading for a while to decompress, I haven’t been going to sleep before 12pm and it shows in the bags under my eyes! We have had a fun weekend so far and […]

A quick update on recent events

I am sick of blog templates and design ideas and colour schemes so you will have to live with the pale pink for a while longer. In the meantime I am still plowing through the pics from London and trying to get those posts finished for posterity. In other news Ron has a new lawn […]

Amy’s first sleepover

Last night I got all dressed up and went to meet Ron for his work christmas party. The theme was “festive and green” being that they are the department of the environment and all that and everyone was very festive but not nearly as green as Ron was! This is Ron and his colleague Susie […]

Car, shopping and coffee

I have to post today, its the last day of November and this makes 30 blog entries in a row! Yay for me! Amy and I were up early this morning (7.15 is early for Amy, don’t hate me!) to drop our car in to be fixed. A few months ago we got a scary […]

Dinner out and a baby in a pram

A while ago now Ron’s aunt and uncle were down in Sydney for a week on holiday. We met up with them for dinner one night at the Tapas restaurant that Gaye (my sister-in-law) works at and she treated us to an incredible feast! Amy was an angel and had her bottle and then went […]

Super rugby

Ron and I were invited by Margaret and David to watch the Waratahs v. Highlanders game the other weekend. The game was most depressing until the last ten minutes when the Waratahs scored two last minute tries to almost win the game. We enjoyed the beer and the company instead! Gareth and Jade joined us […]

Friends from way back when

Ronita and I go way back, not only did we ‘discover’ the Springbok Nude Girls (a well known South African Band) but we did photojournalism together and shared a passion for live bands and music festivals. We have kept in touch by email since leaving Rhodes and we were both excited to work out that […]

Drinking wine and playing cards

We have been busy the last two weekends. Friday night last weekend we stayed with Myfanwy and Jason and their little girl Ella. Amy and I drove down in the afternoon and the girls played together for a couple of hours before we fed them and gave them a bath together. Ella is gorgeous, a […]

Weekend away – Tewkesbury

We had a wonderful weekend in Tewkesbury which included in no particular order; some rugby, a curry, golf, shopping in Cheltenham, a lucious new red leather handbag, bottles of pinot grigio in the pub, silly dancing, world domination, and many, many, many cups of tea. Thanks Dave and Lucy for looking after us so well!

Milestone – first night out away from Amy

  Ron and I left Amy with my cousin Leigh last night so we could go to Carol’s 30th birthday party at her home in North London. It was the first time we had left her for a night and I spent the days leading up to the party alternating between excitement and dread! Its […]

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