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Catching up with technology
Catching up with technology

For years now I have been longing for an iphone, longing, with a physical intensity. Everyone else seemed to have one, everywhere I looked were people playing angry birds and taking photographs of their feet with the hipstamatic app. Sigh. I felt sorry for myself and carried on dreaming of the day my contract was […]

Happy Mothers Day, Mum!
Happy Mothers Day, Mum!

One of the very hardest things about living in Australia, is living so far away from my Mum. I should be used to it now, I went off to boarding school when I was 11 and have lived away from home pretty much ever since. Gosh that sounds harsh. The truth is that I decided […]

Happy Mothers Day

A happy White family at the rugby yesterday. It was great fun showing off Stella in her sling, people were amazed I was wearing her, most of the other new Mums had the prams with all the STUFF and hadn’t really considered wearing their babies. Amy was in her element running around and playing with […]

Mothers day and a new baby for a friend

I had the best intentions to write up a lovely Mothers Day post, but once again, time got away with us. I think its healthy that I have spent so little time in front of the computer recently, but I do miss staying in touch, sending emails and updating the blog. I am sure this […]

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