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Happy Anniversary!

Today Ron and I are celebrating our seven year wedding anniversary. Ron suprised me with beautiful flowers and this evening we cooked a delicious rib eye steak and served it with a fresh spinach salad with sundried tomatos, red onion, pine nuts and feta cheese. Just when I thought that was it, he brought out another […]

A weekend away

Last weekend we waved the girls goodbye as Grandad drove them home to their house and then we sat in traffic for 50 minutes trying to get out of Sydney. Finally we hit the highway and it was just like the old days, Ron and Sarah on a roadtrip together. We were staying in a […]

What a weekend

Ron and I went to Brisbane for the weekend, on our own, without the girls, for a wedding. A very dear friend of ours married a wonderful woman and we had the best time celebrating with them. I took some photos but mostly just lived in the moment with my husband. It was like a […]

Do what I say, not what I do

Don’t worry, don’t panic loyal friends-in-the-internet! My internet holiday is from YOUR blogs, not mine. SO basically I am going to spend my time writing, taking photos and hanging out with my family instead of surfing my feed reader and catching up on what everyone else is doing. At the top of the Reichstag building […]

Nothing says I love you like raw fish

Last night my husband and I shared an impromptu romantic dinner date. At our own dining room table. Somehow the stars aligned and we found ourselves sitting opposite each other, talking, making sushi and drinking sparkling wine. Inspired by my Dad who made delicious sushi whilst we were on holiday, I bought the nori, wasabi […]

Lost mojo: reward offered

The wedding was great despite the extreme heat. The ceremony was outdoors but we all sheltered inside until it started and then raced back in to down cold drinks afterwards. The bride looked amazing, the groom got emotional which always gets to me and it was fabulous spending time with Ron and relaxing away from […]

5 year wedding anniversary

Ron and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary yesterday by going out for dinner with friends whilst Amy spent the night with Grandma and Grandad. This morning we had a leisurely start followed by breakfast on the deck with the papers and we are going to head off now to watch Slumd0g Millionaire before […]

Kebab throwing

Thank you all so much for your comments on yesterday’s post, I love that I can just blab my feelings all over the internet and have friends chime in with support and stories that make me feel less like I should apply for Poor-Parenting-Of-The-Year-Comp and more like we are all in this parenting thing together. […]

Belly shots – 23 weeks

I promised my Mum I would put some more belly pics up despite the depression that overcame me after I actually saw them! Not taking any belly pics this time around means I am obviously living in denial about my actual bump. Thankfully I have finally come to my senses and yesterday I rushed out […]

Wedding memories

CAPTION: One of my favourite photos of Ron and I from our wedding. Last weekend’s wedding really got me thinking about relationships and what matters. Ron and I will have been married for 5 years in January. Actually, if you count our first, secret wedding then we have been married for 5 years 3 months […]

Four year wedding anniversary – an engagement story

Ron and I are celebrating our four year wedding anniversary this Thursday. We will be spending our anniversary night flying to London for a dear friend’s wedding, what better way to celebrate our marriage than by attending the wedding of friends? In light of this monumentous occasion I thought I would share our engagement night […]

Domestic goddess

I thought I would pepper this rather long post with some photos of me as a child, for your viewing enjoyment! I have to address a recent misconception that has occurred as a result of my last post about my Christmas craftiness. After I received a flurry of emails commenting on my domestic goddess abilities […]

Hen do’s and Stag Don’ts

This post is especially for Carol – who is getting married on the 26th January 2008. Hen Do’s and Stag Don’ts Do wear a veil if your friends insist, its silly, frivilous and doesn’t have to be a statement about anything. Do get as many wonderful women in a room together as you can, cook […]

Family fun

We had a wonderful trip to Brisbane for Easter, it came at just the right time for us and we really enjoyed being a family and spending lots of time playing and lying around in bed and laughing. I am so lucky to have such a fun husband and such a crazy hilarious little girl!

3rd wedding anniversary

I forgot to post this on our wedding aniversary! This is one of my favourite photos from the day, taken by my friend Myfanwy. I can’t believe the last three years have gone by so fast! Thanks Ron for being such a great husband and Dad!

Amy – 7 months

Ron took me out for dinner last week to celebrate our three year wedding anniversary! Grandma and Grandad were baby sitting, so I went in to check on Amy before we left and found her sleeping like this! I don’t know why but this is another milestone that caught me unawares. There is something so […]

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