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Trashy mags while the baby naps

This is how I feel right now! No real reason, its wonderful having my sister to stay but she has been suffering from a nasty cold and a bad case of jetlag and so we are all just taking it easy this week. I have loads of exciting blog posts up my sleeve but just […]

Sisters, cleaning and the rain

My sister has arrived, and so has the rain. The next few days are going to be spent quietly at home hanging out, catching up, playing and talking. Its wonderful to have her here. Amy is mildly confused and has called her Gogga a few times which is what she calls my Mum. I can […]

Tannie Liv

We have had a fun weekend in the White household. On friday night we were out to dinner at the Tapas restaurant were my sister-in-law is the manager/chef. This meant that instead of working in the kitchen, I got to sit out front and enjoy the food! Unfortunately this meant that I left with less […]


Liv, did you do a mockyak when you read the previous post? I think that my large glass of wine went to my head, either that or I am like Samson and since having my hair cut I have no brains. Oh well, if I can’t get sentimental about Amy then I don’t know what! […]

I miss you baby sister

I miss you baby sister!


This post is especially for my sister, Liv. We had a chat on skype yesterday and she said she loved seeing the video of Amy waking up because she hasn’t actually seen her hair in ages, in all my recent pics of Amy she is being a good Australian and wearing a hat. Luckily we […]

Missing my baby sister – Happy Birthday Liv!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIV (sorry its a day late!) My baby sister celebrated her birthday yesterday and we missed her loads. I was thinking about her all day here in Sydney, even though she was mostly still asleep! I spoke to her later in my evening and it was lovely to hear her voice. She is […]


Amy experimenting with fashion. (Liv, this ring any bells?)

Ron wearing a cot on his head

On Friday morning Ron and I walked various bits and pieces down the road to my friend Anna’s house whilst Liv babysat Amy and Anna’s daughter Ava. I don’t know who looked sillier, Anna and I wheeling our prams full of microwaves and mattresses or Ron carrying a cot on his head. Amy needs to […]

Great grandparents

Amy, Liv and I managed a last minute trip to visit Great Grandfather Peter and Great Grandmother Gwen last week. Amy is enthralled by Peter and was spoiled with cuddles from Gwen. Its been so special to share Amy with them!

Ron’s last rugby match for Barnes RFC

Tannie Liv has been wonderful helping out the last few days. I am so glad we get to spend this time with her here in London and even better, we get to share our holiday in South Africa with her too. Yesterday Amy was a willing spectator at Ron’s last rugby game for the Barnes […]

Tannie Liv

Amy has been enjoying spending lots of time with her Auntie Liv who has now decided to move back to South Africa in November. Its another big decision but I think its the right one, and it means we get more time with Liv in SA before we move to Aus which is lovely!

Little baby, lots of hair

Baby with hair, an old joke, but a good one!

Suicide hour

Suicide hour in the White household – Tannie Liv (auntie Liv) tries anything and everything to keep the princess happy!

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