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Will I? Won’t I? Blog every day this month? I am posting this quickly, late on the 1st as I spend one last unexpected evening with my sister and her boyfriend who were stranded with us for an extra three days thanks to the Qantas strike! Just in case I do make it every day […]


(me with my new sister Olivia in August 1980 – I was aged 4) Sisters. The relationship I have with my sister has been complicated. There is more than four years between us which made it hard for us to relate to each other when we were younger. We never went to school together so we never […]

We’re back……………….

And the jetlag is horrific, the homesickness is desperate and the heat is exhausting! Also I was in such a state of holiday stupor before we left that I forgot to update my portable harddrive with all the photos I downloaded from various cameras whilst on holiday and so now I only have a few […]

Amy shares her marshmallows with Gogga

The last bit of video for a while, this is Amy talking to her Gogga on Skype and kindly sharing her marshmallows! I love that Amy can talk to Gogga and Packet and Tannie Liv so often and see them on the computer, its a wonderful way to ensure their ongoing relationships. Amy will often […]

Stella travels to South Africa

Photos in this post are from the party we had for Mum’s 60th, my reason for travelling back to South Africa. It was a painting party held at a boutique hotel just outside of Johannesburg followed by a gourmet picnic in the hotel grounds! I was going to include this in Stella’s four month update […]

The bathroom at Mum and Dad’s

Since I last went home for a visit, Mum and Dad have extended and built the best bathroom IN THE WORLD. Seriously, its got all the best bits of every bathroom they have ever loved in one room. The biggest bath I have ever had the pleasure of immersing myself in. The best shower, a […]

A wildlife post

Weeks ago, in fact nearly a month ago now when my sister came to stay, we took Amy and Stella to the small wildlife park up the road from us. Amy got to pat a koala (they smell funny) and chase chickens and run around. Liv and I got cricked necks from looking up into […]

Stella is 10 weeks old

Stella at 10 weeks – developmental milestones & growth spurts. Its been a hard week. My sister left at 6am on Monday morning, the day I turned 33. Birthdays don’t have much meaning or relevance to me since having children. I can’t really get that enthusiastic which is a little sad especially since Ron has […]


EDITED TO ADD: I just realised looking at these photos that my daughter has a dimple in the same spot as my sister! Loving the family resemblance! Despite having to say goodbye to my sister at the crack of dawn this morning, its been a good birthday. I can’t believe I am 33 but I […]

Tannie Liv

There is a lot of this going on round our house this week. Its WONDERFUL having my sister to stay, we have been very busy but also just spending a lot of time together and hanging out. Amy is besides herself with happiness to have her Tannie Liv (auntie) to lavish attention on her all […]

Stella is 8 weeks old – Part I

Stella Margaret White at 8 weeks old – Part I, the medical stuff. Stella turned 8 weeks old on Wednesday and will be 2 months old on Tuesday, the day after my sister arrives from South Africa for a lightning, one week visit. I am so excited for my sister coming, its been hard watching […]


Sisters – I hope with all my heart that my girls grow up to love and respect each other as much as my sister and I love each other. If my sister wasn’t related to me, I would still choose her as one of my closest friends.


I am not chefing as much at the tapas restaurant now that the weather has changed and winter is on its way. Its always a tough time for the hospitality industry and I am missing the money and the opportunity to get out of the house and do something for me. I am not sure […]

Blue mountains montage

Another flashback montage! Whilst Liv was here Ron had a rugby game up in the Blue Mountains against the same club as last year. We drove up early again because we weren’t going to stay over this time and we made it to the look out at the three sisters before the coaches arrived. The […]

Bridge climb milestone baby sister montage

Liv and I had the perfect day for our bridge climb. Ron and Amy dropped us at the Ferry at 7am. We were both quiet, cold, a little apprehensive but figured if our Mum could climb the bridge then we should be able to. The sun was rising as we came up to the Bridge […]

Zoo montage

A photo montage of our trip to the zoo when Liv was here. I have so many photos to post from her trip that this is probably the best way to do it!

Amy and Liv

We are still missing Tannie Liv very much indeed. Amy is better after a mild case of bronchitis last week and our house is cleaner than its been in a while because sitting watching tv on my own whilst Amy sleeps is not nearly as much fun as knitting/crocheting with Liv whilst watching rerun after […]

Blue mountain panorama

I have so much to write about and so many photos to post but its the last few days of Liv’s visit and there is just so much else to do. I leave you with a panorama photo from our trip to the Blue Mountains a few weeks ago.

Mothers day and a new baby for a friend

I had the best intentions to write up a lovely Mothers Day post, but once again, time got away with us. I think its healthy that I have spent so little time in front of the computer recently, but I do miss staying in touch, sending emails and updating the blog. I am sure this […]

Climbing the bridge

Liv and I are spending the day together tomorrow. Ron is staying home from work to play with Amy and we are going to catch the ferry into the city and climb the Harbour Bridge. Afterwards we will fortify ourselves with alcoholic beverages and then do some shopping, get our nails done and maybe stop […]

Liv’s trip in a few simple photos

SORRY! No time to blog, we have been too busy enjoying the sunshine, finally and doing the following: Drinking shandys at Darling Harbour. Pulling silly faces in the Blue Mountains. Attending tupperware parties with one million children! Drinking babycino’s. Making zucchini pickles for the church market day. Eating ice-cream whilst watching seagulls. Looking nice for […]

Time with my sister

We have been super busy the last few days, enjoying the sunshine (finally!), making banana bread, eating king prawns and seeing friends. Liv, Amy and I have settled into a lovely routine during the day and its truly wonderful having my little sister here to scare walking round corners, pull faces with, laugh at the […]


Just a quick before and after. I have to work tonight and then tomorrow we are busy with rugby, some DIY and a little gardening IF THE SUN WILL EVER SHINE AGAIN! I am trying to find time to work on photos, compose blog posts, entertain my housebound toddler and sister and do all the […]

At home with Tannie Liv

The weather is atrocious in Sydney, dark, cold, damp days and so Liv and Amy and I are using the excuse to stay home and play. There is something deliciously luxurious about deliberately staying in your pjamas until lunchtime and not feeling guilty for doing so! Amy loves having her “Tannie” to stay and its […]

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