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When my bloggy friend Kate over at Kate Says Stuff blogged about her plans for #OperationMOVE I was excited, eager and committed. Kate’s intentions were to motivate herself, and us, to get moving during the months of Spring with the initial commitment of deciding how many minutes were were going to MOVE during September. This was […]

Stunned, like a mullet.

I wanted to thank each and every one of you who made the time to email me and comment on my previous post. It means a great deal to me that my post with the most comments ever was this post, where I risked alienating myself from friends and the very people I look up […]


Ron was still feeling rough on Monday morning when he woke up, 4th day of the virus. He went straight back to bed and I made a Dr’s app for the earliest time available, Tuesday morning. Tuesday morning comes around, mad rush to get us all out of the house before 8.15am to get Ron […]

A wedding and a weekend in bed.
A wedding and a weekend in bed.

Its rained a lot since we got back from camping. Washing has piled up, the girls have been at each other’s throats. Ron and I have felt tired and worn out. I was looking forward to high tea at a friend’s house on Friday afternoon to celebrate the royal wedding even though I hadn’t been […]

Grown-up dilemmas
Grown-up dilemmas

Last week was a hardcore parenting week. Amy is back to throwing massive hissy fits whenever I say no and Stella has decided to traumatise me by ingesting money and burning up with a 40 degree temperatue. Parenting right now feels like the same battle, different day, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat. I have lots of […]

Frugal Sarah Says
Frugal Sarah Says

Wednesday started out a very good day, I dropped a happy and smiling Amy at preschool and was so proud to see her greeted by all her little friends with such joy and excitement. Then I dropped Ron at work and Stella was mumbling away contentedly to herself in the back of the car while Ron and […]

Once a week?

Maybe I should aim to post once a week, that way I won’t be disappointed! I cannot explain to you how busy I am right now, its been such an incredible week. A photoshoot last Friday, another this Monday and then I spent Tuesday and Wednesday doing a workshop with seven other photographers under the […]

Wow, a whole week

I can’t believe that a week has past since my last blog post. This place needs an overhaul. So, I am planning a few changes. Nothing in a rush but I am thinking I might migrate this old blog over to a wordpress template and maybe even go self-hosted. I am loving the wordpress platform […]

Poor sick children

Yesterday afternoon I got “THE CALL” from preschool. Could I please come and fetch Amy as she had just been copiously sick all over herself. Sigh. She looked a little shell shocked when I picked her up, smelling rather strongly of child-puke. She said she didn’t know why she was sick, she didn’t feel sick […]

Sydney Spring

For the last three weeks I have been lucky enough to spend Wednesday’s walking along the Manly beach front with a friend who has been on gardening leave. Sadly (for me!) she has started at her new job this week so I don’t have a walking partner, sigh. I suppose I could go walking on […]


As we were leaving preschool yesterday afternoon, Amy tripped and fell down the steep flight of stairs. It happened in an instant and I saw her body somersault and watched her land with her neck at an improbable angle. I have no idea how I made it down the stairs whilst holding Stella in my arms […]

On my mind

Amy’s illustration of our family, I drew ME second from left then she completed the picture. I am so exhausted. I am comparing this feeling of complete weariness to back when Stella was a newborn. I have had the same kind of broken, stressful sleep over the last week or so and now my body […]

Winter days

Finally, a photo of Amy looking relaxed and natural! Mind you I had to bribe her with lollies to pose for me! I have been eyeing out these autumn leaves for weeks now, we drive past them on the way to drop Ron at work and I managed to get the photos I wanted, but […]

Sometimes parenting is hard. Really hard.

Its been one of those weeks. You know “those” weeks. When everything is hard work and parenting is not fun and my children are pushing all my buttons. I had a revelation today when I was hanging out the washing, I really don’t have anything for me, really mine. I am working hard to get […]

Aah, magical interwebs, I have missed you

Its so great being able to slouch on the couch with my laptop again. Wow I am super lazy, its this weather, it makes everyone slothful. Slouching on the couch is not so good for my back though. I haven’t injured it as such but I am suffering from a locked thoracic spine, or really […]

Bits and bobs

So I finally turned the table around in the kitchen. I have been talking about doing this for AGES and it took me all of two minutes. I think this arrangement is going to work for us because we can easily sit opposite each other at the table rather than next to each other. I […]


I have so much going on right now, not so much actual day-to-day although we are getting back into our school term routine, playgroup, dancing, preschool and playdates. I just have a lot going on in my head, plans and ideas and things and not really enough time to work them all out! I am […]

This post brought to you by my period

I can’t believe I didn’t post yesterday. I was doing so well posting everyday in November and then blam. The most horrible day I have had in as long as I can remember. For various reasons, starting with Stella waking up at 5am again after another horrific night. In fact all the nights are just […]

Snotty noses and smiles

Stella and I have snotty noses today. Amy has the sneezles. Ron is doing just fine and we want to keep it that way so we have limited kisses and cuddles for a few days. Sigh. Stella is her usual happy, smiley, sweet self despite a running nose and weepy eyes. Seriously, she is just […]

Ron’s skinny chicken leg

I haven’t updated the blog on Ron’s leg for a while. Its two months tomorrow since he turned awkwardly whilst playing his rugby grand final and twisted his knee. 8 weeks since he had a routine arthroscopy and the surgeon discovered that he was missing a large chunk of articular cartilage on his knee joint […]


Stella was unwell on the weekend, from out of nowhere she ran a very high temp (39.9degrees C) and was off her breast feeds and completely disinterested in solid food. I gave her 4 hourly doses of panadol, kept her mostly undressed and cool and sat up with her for a few hours on Saturday […]

The knee

What follows is an extract from an email we sent to family this afternoon about our follow-up appointment at the Orthopaedic surgeon. Ron’s arthroscopy showed a signifigant tear in the lateral meniscus, some loose chondral matter (cartilage) and in an unexpected and bad twist, signifigant deterioration of the hyaline articular cartilage known as a lesion […]

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes

The patient is finally feeling better, he really doesn’t have a fun reaction to the general anaesthetic or the strong painkillers and last night he felt dizzy, nauseous and spaced out. After a shower (involving a large plastic bag and lots of masking tape!) and a couple of meals he is feeling much more like […]

The end of the dream

Saturday was a very sad day in the White household. Ron’s rugby team had all four grades in the Grand Final and in a desperate record breaking run of terrible luck, poor play and broken dreams – all four grades lost. I don’t want to go into too much detail because it still hurts to […]

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