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Its that time of year again. Chop-chop!
Its that time of year again. Chop-chop!

Yes, haircut time! Both the girls were looking a bit unkept last week and as we head into the warmer months I really wanted to get their mops chopped for ease of washing and drying. Stella and I went into the hairdresser earlier in the week to make the appointments and Stella was not happy! […]

My grown up girls.
My grown up girls.

Over the weekend Ron and I decided that it was haircut time again. Amy’s hair is very much like mine, its quite fine hair but she has a lot of it so its very thick and as a result, the longer it gets, the longer it takes to wash and dry. Daylight savings ending means […]

New hair

I did post this on facebook but this is for Mum! I am loving my new hair, I had it cut on Thursday last week, its super short at the back, the tendril type bits tuck behind my ear when I am busy and it takes me two minutes to wash it and dry it. […]

I just figured out who she reminds me of

Its been bothering me all morning, then suddenly, I realised who Stella’s new haircut reminds me of. Yolandi from Die Antwoord a South African music duo who became an overnight viral sensation with their you tube videos. See the resemblence? Ron says I am mad, and mean.

Stella’s first haircut – 16 months

It all got too much for me this morning. Stella has had conjunctivitis and this combined with her hair permanently hanging in her face made for a rather unpleasant combination! After Stella pulled her hairband out three times in a row this morning I gave in and took her to a hairdresser to get her […]

Hair today, gone tomorrow?

This was Stella’s head a year ago. Dark haired, fuzzy, patchy. Now she has a beautiful head of long, silky blonde hair. Its an absolute marvel and I am a little tired of people commenting on how little she looks like me. First there was Amy, whom everyone said looked EXACTLY like her Daddy and […]

Opening the floor for questions

What should I talk about? I am heading into another phase of self-imposed internet restrictions and so will have more time for purposeful internet time instead of spending hours clicking from one website to the next. I am working hard to get a website up and running for my new photography business and so am spending […]


Amy hasn’t had a haircut since my sister was here last April, thats 18 months ago. Since then we have gone through a period of traumatic baths where Amy refused to get in the water and a period of refusal to wash hair where one or other of us had to get in the water […]

Finally – new haircut revealed

I finally found some time to get my haircut and I went for a short bob. (I can only apologise for my expression in the above photo, its late, I am tired and maybe a little startled!) Washing it is going to be super easy and quick, the lovely hairdresser says my postpartum hair loss […]

Hair dilemma – HELP NEEDED

Right, I need help. The post partum hair loss is so desperate now that I am feeling quite repulsed by having to wash and brush my hair. As a result its permanently tied up in a ponytail and I feel frumpy and old. I need a change. And you are going to help me make […]

Haircut photos

Amy has been needing a haircut for a while now. Like a lot of children her age, her hair seems to grow backwards and forwards from a crown right at the back of her head which makes for a heavy, long fringe. The wispy bits at the side above her ears are finally growing and […]

Amy’s second hair cut

My baby girl is growing up, she looks like a proper little person now that her hair is almost all one length. I love it, the shorter fringe makes her eyes stand out. It was a spontaneous thing, she has needed her fringe cut for ages and I am so glad I didn’t attempt to […]

Amy’s first hair cut – 18 months

Amy had her first haircut on our trip to the UK. I had been meaning to do it for ages and it seemed like a fun thing to share with my parents seeing as though they miss out on other milestones because they live far, far away. Where else would you take your child for […]

Still loving my new hair

I love my new hair even more now that its dried on its own without bouffy hairdresser stylie! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Excuse the shiny face, its rather hot and humid here today, but I have a lovely breeze blowing around my neck! And also apologies for the laundry in the background, yes, […]


I am not known for getting my haircut regularily! But when I do, I don’t do it in half measures! This is how I have been wearing my hair lately, not even in a ponytail, but twisted up into a bun and secured with a strong elastic. Sydney in January is hot and humid and […]

Hair cuts

Amy spent ages watching planes come into land over the Sydney skyline from Margaret and David’s flat on Sunday. We kept telling her that she is going to be flying in one of those soon! Look at the curls, how can I cut them? In more hair news I am getting mine chopped off, before […]


This post is especially for my sister, Liv. We had a chat on skype yesterday and she said she loved seeing the video of Amy waking up because she hasn’t actually seen her hair in ages, in all my recent pics of Amy she is being a good Australian and wearing a hat. Luckily we […]

Birdsnest hair

Amy’s hair is growing rather mullet like and I am not quite sure what to do about this. The tiny pig tails are quite effective, except for the fact that she thinks I am pulling her hair out one strand at a time when I try and put them in so its a toddler versus […]

Hair and beards

There have been some hair issues in the White household! Ron grew his annual winter beard for when my parents were here. It kept him warm and woolly up in the Hunter Valley but was trimmed down to a goatee when we got back. I kind of liked the goatee even though I swore I […]

Hair before and after

BEFORE AFTER (Amy is still not sure about it….. but I LOVE it!)

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