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Stunned, like a mullet.

I wanted to thank each and every one of you who made the time to email me and comment on my previous post. It means a great deal to me that my post with the most comments ever was this post, where I risked alienating myself from friends and the very people I look up […]

Day trips and great-grandparents

On Tuesday Ron, Amy and I caught the train to Chichester with my parents to visit my Grandfather Peter’s wife, Gwen. Peter passed away last year and we miss him a lot, Gwen has missed seeing Amy so it was lovely to be able to make the trip down for the day to visit. As […]

Sad news

We had some very sad news in our family last week. My Grandfather, my Mum’s father, Peter passed away. Peter was a force to be reckoned with and had struggled with an illness earlier this year. It makes me very happy that he had the chance to meet and get to know his great grandchild […]


Amy met her Great Aunt Dot who was kind enough to pass on her fabulous, secret recipe for the most delicious cornbread in the world. (photos to appear soon on Til We Meat Again – see links)

Cape Town – Great Granny Grace

We’re back!! And almost on our way again. The Drakensberg was lovely, very hot but lots of fun. We left Amy with a Nanny both nights and had dinner and a few drinks with the friends we were there with. I felt strange leaving Amy but she was absolutely fine and it was loads of […]

Great grandparents

Amy, Liv and I managed a last minute trip to visit Great Grandfather Peter and Great Grandmother Gwen last week. Amy is enthralled by Peter and was spoiled with cuddles from Gwen. Its been so special to share Amy with them!


Amy has already met a number of her relatives including two visits with her Great Grandfather Peter and Great Grandmother Gwen. Its very special that we have been able to share Amy with Peter and Gwen, not only now that she is here, but also when we were all waiting for her to arrive.

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