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We have a big old wooden table outside on our deck which is a lovely spot to sit at when friends come round but I find it hard to lay a pretty table. I had envisioned a container of succulents and had two perfect terracotta wide open bowls in mind but I lacked the enthusiasm […]


I love this time of year in Sydney, its starting to get HOT, the days are long, the mood still frantic but we are heading towards Christmas and best of all are the STORMS! Last night’s was a cracker. The temperature soared here into the mid 30’s and the air was heavy with moisture. At […]

Two sides to every story

Things I am loving right now: my wheat pack, hot from the microwave, warming and soothing my aching back sweet wine of all kinds, in fact even the cheap versions are delicious but my favourite right now is a slightly fizzy pink Moscato warm, toasty bed thanks to our electric blanket, crisp sheets and curling up […]

Rain, rain go away, come again another day

It feels like it has been raining FOREVER. Its rained almost constantly this week, heavy showers followed by periods of drizzle and then a massive thunderstorm complete with thunder and scary cracks of lightning. I wake up in the middle of the night and its raining, we get up in the morning, its raining. At […]

Sydney turns red

I woke up this morning and the world had turned red. It was the strangest feeling to look out the window and see this eerie orange glow. I rushed out to turn on the tv and apparently this is the most severe dust storm in Sydney’s history. Outside there is a thin layer of red […]


It feels wrong somehow to write a frivilous post about how we are keeping cool in Sydney’s 45 degree (113 fah) heatwave when more than 60 people have been killed in terrible bushfires in Victoria. We had a very busy day yesterday, beach in the morning, home in the afternoon until a powercut (!??!?!?!) sent […]


On Saturday the temperature in Sydney was predicted to rise above 40 degrees again, the fourth day in a row of above 35 degree temp days. I was sick and tired of staying indoors with the aircon on and arguing with Amy about who could watch their tv show so we threw the bag of […]


Its still so hot here in Sydney that I am starting to wilt. Pregnancy is tiring and I am realising I might just need to cut myself some slack and stop stressing about sitting indoors in my pants with the aircon on. Afternoons are the worst, I feel tired, unmotivated, sweaty, irritable and grumpy. Still […]

Hot headed

I am tired, but finally cooler after two scorching days. The temp topped 42 degrees celcius or 107.6 fahrenheit this afternoon so Amy and I stayed inside, doors and windows closed, blinds drawn with the aircon on. The heat still gets to me and I have been feeling sweaty, irritable, grumpy and Amy and I […]

Free chocolate

Yesterday was the second anniversary of our arrival in Australia. On the 6th January, 2007 we flew into Sydney from Johannesburg after a 6 week holiday in South Africa. I remember feeling excited, nervous and homesick/confused, not sure whether I was missing my family or my friends, or my old life or London or all […]

Rugby trials and sunburn

On Saturday Amy and I accompanied Ron to rugby trials for his club. Ron went along to give some moral support and to have a run around, Amy and I went along to get a sunburn, although we didn’t know this at the time. The trials were up at the Central Coast at a ground […]


Sydney has experienced three major storms this week. On Monday there were severe weather warnings for greater Sydney and it started to rain just as Amy and I left the house to drop off some homemade cottage pies for a friend who had a baby last week. The storm chased us all the way into […]

Extreme weather

It has rained off and on for the last week. Not gentle, soothing rain either, instead its been torrential and thunderous rain. Lots of it. This is wonderful, water is such a precious commodity here in Australia and I never really understood that. Its something that is so easy to take for granted, turning on […]

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