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Card games with friends

What happens when you are staying in a lovely big cottage in the country with a group of your favourite friends and their children? Well, nap times can be a bit traumatic, mealtimes for children can be chaotic and bedtimes are a bit erratic. But eventually stories are read and bottles drunk and dummys are […]

The beer from Beer

This is the beer from Beer. According to the menfolk it was all very nice indeed. Amy wasn’t very well the weekend we went away. I had mixed feelings about it all, being so far away from our comfort zone (ie. home) and being away with friends that I wanted to be able to fix […]

A house in the country

A highlight on our holiday was a weekend in the country with our lovely friends. Eight adults, two toddlers, one baby and a bump in a gorgeous cottage in the Dorset countryside complete with flatscreen tv’s in the bedrooms, a huge plasma in the livingroom and a kitchen table big enough for us all to […]

We went to Beer

Does anyone still care that we went to London in January? Nope, well I do, so there! What to do on a lovely day in Dorset, when the wind is blowing, the rain is lashing and a little girl who is coming down with something nasty really needs a sleep and its not going to […]

Oldest friend of all

I mentioned in a previous post that Laura and I had known each other since the age of about 3. It might have been a bit earlier, it was certainly also later because we went to school together for a year before my family left the UK and moved back to South Africa. Laura is […]

Catching up with old friends of the best kind

Blog-template-update-excitement aside, its time I finally put our London holiday to bed. After our week in London with my Mum and Dad, we said goodbye to Dad and then Ron, Amy, Mum and I drove to Marlow to see our friends Tim and Laura and their children (not kids – we were told off for […]

Tourists in London

And now for some long overdue London posts. These pictures were taken on Wednesday 30th January when we spent the day being tourists with my parents. It was fun being a tourist in London. When I first moved to the city in January 1999 I spent a lot of time wandering around being a proper […]

Day trips and great-grandparents

On Tuesday Ron, Amy and I caught the train to Chichester with my parents to visit my Grandfather Peter’s wife, Gwen. Peter passed away last year and we miss him a lot, Gwen has missed seeing Amy so it was lovely to be able to make the trip down for the day to visit. As […]

Amy’s first hair cut – 18 months

Amy had her first haircut on our trip to the UK. I had been meaning to do it for ages and it seemed like a fun thing to share with my parents seeing as though they miss out on other milestones because they live far, far away. Where else would you take your child for […]

Family fun in London

The Monday after the wedding was spent with my Mum and Dad, shopping in London. Our flat was perfectly positioned for walking to Kings Road so we had a leisurely start, wrapped up warm and took a stroll. This is one of my favourite photos of Mum and Amy, EVER! Mum had said before the […]

The morning after the wedding

We woke at a reasonable hour the morning after the wedding. Greg and Amanda had generously put us into their bedroom with their ultra comfy bed and the portacot whilst they camped out downstairs on the sleeper couch. I came down with Amy at about 7ish I think and Greg went back upstairs for a […]

Tower Bridge

Something I really wanted to do on this trip to London was to recreate a series of photos that we took on Ron’s birthday in 2006. We had a lovely day out down the South Bank with Amy and we took some photos with Tower bridge as the backdrop. This family portrait is slightly blurry […]

Destination wedding

One of the biggest treats about this holiday was that we were able to share lots of it with my parents. For this I have the lovely bride to thank, she even invited my Mum and Dad to her wedding so that we could all have the excuse to make a holiday of it. Thank […]

Jetlag and other travel issues

The last four days have been very hard. Suprisingly Amy has had the easiest adjustment to the timezone and being back in Sydney. She is much happier since getting back from the UK and I suppose I can understand why. The last few days of the holiday were very hard on her, she would wake […]

London Eye

We are back from our trip to the UK. We are all very tired and a bit disorientated. Its going to take me a while to sort out all the photos but I will be posting some holiday recaps just so we can remember what a brilliant time we had despite colds, bugs and the […]

A brief history of our UK trip so far

A brief history of our UK trip so far: Weddings attended – 1 – congratulations to the lovely Carol and Stewart! Visits to Harrods – 3 – we were staying right behind it so even bought our loo roll there! Number of rush hour tube journeys – 2 – two too many, Ron and I […]

London bound

Ok, so technically we aren’t actually, but in a few days time we will be, just for a little while. Amy, Ron and I are off to London to see Carol and Stew get married on Australia Day. We are going to be spending time with my parents who are meeting us there from South […]

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