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Dance concert happiness.
Dance concert happiness.

They are happy because they both got trophies, I am happy because its over for another year! It was a wonderful day, both girls did so well, Stella was a star considering it was her first actual concert and Amy danced beautifully, so much improvement. We are very proud! (Also, I FINALLY mastered the dance […]

The Stage.
The Stage.

We are a few days away from the annual dance concert. This will be Stella’s first time dancing up on stage and she is pretty excited! Last year she was heartbroken not to be allowed to get up and have a go and I know she is going to love it. It helps she will […]

Dance concert – the one where my eyes were watery.
Dance concert - the one where my eyes were watery.

I know its a cliche to get all choked up when you see your kid up there on the stage, but it really does make me feel emotional. Last year I was anxious about how Amy would cope with all the new stuff that comes with the annual dance concert. Being dropped off in a […]

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