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Craftyness, of the marmalade variety.
Craftyness, of the marmalade variety.

This Winter I made another few batches of my marvellous orange marmalade and I took lots of photographs of the finished product because I was so proud! We totally raided the next door tree and Ron managed to collect over 100 oranges over the period of two weeks when the house was vacated by the […]

Preschool Christmas presents

This was my first year of gifts for teachers at Amy’s preschool. I didn’t feel like buying chocolates or wine or soap so I decided to make something. One of my favourite gifts to make is small make-up bags or pencil cases made from homemade quilted material. So easy, quite time consuming but I love […]

Orange Marmalade – the definitive recipe

I am going to post this over here and on my food blog because I am starting to forget things in my old age and need constant reminders. As I wrote about in this post when I last made marmalade, I have made jams, pickles, chutneys and marmalade both on my own and with my […]

Queen’s Birthday Holiday Monday

Its been a holiday here for us today, a wonderful, leisurely, relaxing, at-home day for the family. The photos in this post are from last Tuesday when Amy and I made magical, multi-coloured playdough, using the food gels I bought for Stella’s rainbow birthday cake. The playdough turned out slightly dry and not as soft […]

Birthday cake – a taster

We celebrated Stella’s 1st birthday party today with friends and family. It was a lovely afternoon, Stella had a great sleep right in the middle of it leaving me time to catch up with friends and enjoy myself and she was in a super mood when she woke up, just right for CAKE! I think […]

Mum, this ones for you

This is the most boring post IN THE WORLD but its for my Mum… so there. Check out my sewing skills Mum, the shirts are lovely but gaped really badly across my bosum as you can see in the below photo! And modelled here by my helpful assistant, you can see the shirts no longer […]

The christening cake

I had the crazy idea to make Stella’s christening cake a few weeks ago. I found a recipe online for a fondant icing made from marshmallows and thought it looked simple enough. It was, to a certain degree! The confession: I made the cake from a box mix, its just easier, quicker and less hassle. […]

The talents of my Mum, Gogga

My Mum is an incredibly talented woman. Apart from being the best mum/grandmother around, she can hand tie flys for fishing, hand bind books from scratch, sew almost anything, cook delicious meals and recently she took up painting. Anything she turns her hand to she is good at although she will still tell anyone that […]


Amy and I have been doing a lot of baking recently. My New Years Intention was to send Ron to work with lunch everyday and get back into menu planning and so far so good. The baking is so that Ron can have a treat in his lunch box and also so Amy and I […]

Our home – a virtual tour

I have been working on an anniversary post on the grand occasion of living in our house for a year. Its late due to the usual time constraints and my child’s inability to have a consistent afternoon sleep. But as the cliche goes, better late than never. We have had lots of exciting milestones in […]

Things, in no order

Things I have done today, in no particular order: Sorted through Amy’s cupboards and boxes, packed up her summer clothes for the end of the year and boxed and labelled the borrowed clothes she has grown out of. Changed the linen on Amy’s bed for nice warm flanellette sheets and pillowcase Changed the linen on […]

Liv’s trip in a few simple photos

SORRY! No time to blog, we have been too busy enjoying the sunshine, finally and doing the following: Drinking shandys at Darling Harbour. Pulling silly faces in the Blue Mountains. Attending tupperware parties with one million children! Drinking babycino’s. Making zucchini pickles for the church market day. Eating ice-cream whilst watching seagulls. Looking nice for […]

Sisters, cleaning and the rain

My sister has arrived, and so has the rain. The next few days are going to be spent quietly at home hanging out, catching up, playing and talking. Its wonderful to have her here. Amy is mildly confused and has called her Gogga a few times which is what she calls my Mum. I can […]

Playdough Recipe

Playdough – like Mum used to make 2 cups plain flour 1/2 cup salt 4 tablespoons cream of tartar 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 2 cups water food colouring Mix the flour, salt and cream of tartar in a large cooking pot stir in the water, oil and food colouring. ( I opted to go au […]

Domestic goddess

I thought I would pepper this rather long post with some photos of me as a child, for your viewing enjoyment! I have to address a recent misconception that has occurred as a result of my last post about my Christmas craftiness. After I received a flurry of emails commenting on my domestic goddess abilities […]

Handmade Christmas gifts

In addition to making apricot jam and spicy apple chutney as gifts this year, I also decided to handmake gifts for my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. They are both the kind of people who would appreciate something made with love rather than purchased with credit! I started off by quilting together a 1m by 1m piece […]

Christmas food

This is the christmas food post. This year christmas was all about the food for me, for a couple of reasons. Firstly I decided to handmake most of our gifts, at least for the grown-ups so I made a batch of Apricot Jam in the tradition that Mum and I started last year. I also […]

Veg patch, apricot jam and a photoshoot

Look what our garden growed? Amazing isn’t it! The squash have gone mad and I neglected them for a week and now I have giant, huge, massive squash that I don’t know what to do with! In other news I completed the second batch of Sarah’s Xmas Apricot Jam ’07 tonight and now I have […]

Sarah’s Christmas Apricot jam

I have just finished making a batch of Sarah’s Xmas Apricot Jam ’07. I hope the damn stuff sets, its so stressful making jam, first you have to let the fruit ripen just enough, then measure it, depip it, chop it into just the right size, boil until pulpy (pulpy?) meanwhile you have to break […]

House and home

Its time for some housey stuff. Firstly is a little project that I took on when Mum was here, and as a result, finished it! Thanks Mum! Amy was sleeping manically as usual, turning, moving, crawling into corners and so I made the controversial decision to make a cot bumper. Controversial because Mums all over […]

Sewing machine

Another long overdue post! Whilst Mum was here we went shopping for a present from Marg, my aunt. She had decided to buy me a sewing machine and Mum and I went looking for what we had in mind. We ended up buying an Elna which is the same brand of machine that Mum has […]

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