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Nappy Rash

Just a quick one, to all my cloth nappy experts out there, Stella has a bad case of Nappy Candidiasis or a fungal infection of the nappy area. Poor mite has a sore, red bum and is miserable. I have put her into disposables today because I am using so much cream and its clearing […]

$45.75 give or take

Thats approximately how much money I haven’t spent on disposable nappys for Stella over the last month. Its one lovely aspect of our cloth nappy adventure, the not-so-nice aspect involves opening the bucket every couple of days and putting the nappys into the washing machine! Its funny, I thought it would be the poo smell […]

Bits and bobs

So I finally turned the table around in the kitchen. I have been talking about doing this for AGES and it took me all of two minutes. I think this arrangement is going to work for us because we can easily sit opposite each other at the table rather than next to each other. I […]

Something I have been meaning to do for a long, long time

When I was pregnant with Amy and Ron was working for the Envir0nment Agency, he did a calculation on the cost of cloth nappys vs. disposables. The figures didn’t really add up considering we were living in a country where the only way we could dry our laundry was to turn the heating up full […]

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