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Amy’s first sleepover

Last night I got all dressed up and went to meet Ron for his work christmas party. The theme was “festive and green” being that they are the department of the environment and all that and everyone was very festive but not nearly as green as Ron was! This is Ron and his colleague Susie […]

Happing Bleeping Christmas

and Happy *BLEEPING* Christmas to you too, Mr Big Car parked so close to my bumper, way across the yellow line signaling the END of your parking space that I couldn’t open my boot without getting stuck on your radiator grill leaving me to manhandle my parcels and pram into the boot via the back […]

Sarah’s Christmas Apricot jam

I have just finished making a batch of Sarah’s Xmas Apricot Jam ’07. I hope the damn stuff sets, its so stressful making jam, first you have to let the fruit ripen just enough, then measure it, depip it, chop it into just the right size, boil until pulpy (pulpy?) meanwhile you have to break […]


Amy got into the Christmas spirit! And enjoyed our non-traditional African Christmas tree. This was all Mum’s idea, she bought a wire Baobab tree and a few bags of beads and the night before we left to go down the coast we all sat round making decorations. The finished product was amazing!

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