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Life lessons.
Life lessons.

I learnt a valuable parenting lesson yesterday, when I was least expecting to. A series of events meant that all four of us were in the car together last night, on our way home, in a rush so I could get to bootcamp, when the car blew up. Ok, ok so it wasn’t nearly so […]


After another day spent at home in our pj’s we were all feeling a little grouchy on Saturday morning. Ron’s cold had returned, his back was sore and he was feeling pretty miserable. I was feeling marginally better although still coughing with a deep rattling sound that caused an ache deep inside my belly and […]

Happing Bleeping Christmas

and Happy *BLEEPING* Christmas to you too, Mr Big Car parked so close to my bumper, way across the yellow line signaling the END of your parking space that I couldn’t open my boot without getting stuck on your radiator grill leaving me to manhandle my parcels and pram into the boot via the back […]

Car, shopping and coffee

I have to post today, its the last day of November and this makes 30 blog entries in a row! Yay for me! Amy and I were up early this morning (7.15 is early for Amy, don’t hate me!) to drop our car in to be fixed. A few months ago we got a scary […]

Car seat

This is what I see when I turn around to the backseat of our car now! Amy had outgrown her carseat and we upgraded her to a forward facing seat which will last until she is out of car seats and boosters altogether. She still looks so tiny in it but she loves being able […]

Sydney, Australia

I don’t even know where to begin recapping everything that has happened to us since I last updated, so I am just going to jump in with photos and eventually get up the present! We are currently in Sydney, staying with Ron’s parents and getting our lives together. Ron has a job already, he starts […]

RIP Flying fridge

Last weekend Ron, Amy and I packed up the Flying Fridge and set off to Tewkesbury to visit Dave and Lucy for the weekend. We were feeling very self satisfied for getting up, packed and on our way on time until just outside Putney our journey came to a shocking halt. A lady in a […]

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