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Amy’s 4th Birthday party

I don’t know who was more excited about Amy’s birthday cake, me or the birthday girl! I had SUCH fun making this, seriously, it looks amazing and once again got lots of gasps when I sliced it open, but really wasn’t that complicated to make. (Post about that coming soon.) In the meantime just a […]

Birthday cake – a taster

We celebrated Stella’s 1st birthday party today with friends and family. It was a lovely afternoon, Stella had a great sleep right in the middle of it leaving me time to catch up with friends and enjoy myself and she was in a super mood when she woke up, just right for CAKE! I think […]

Happy Birthday Ron

This week Ron turned 36. I decided to spoil him because he deserves it and because he has had a rough few months with his knee injury, and because I love him a lot. When the girls woke up we all go into bed together to open some presents. Amy helped me wrap them and […]

The christening cake

I had the crazy idea to make Stella’s christening cake a few weeks ago. I found a recipe online for a fondant icing made from marshmallows and thought it looked simple enough. It was, to a certain degree! The confession: I made the cake from a box mix, its just easier, quicker and less hassle. […]

Stella’s Christening

Sunday was Stella’s christening at Ron’s family’s church. This is where he was christened and where we had Amy christened when we arrived back from the UK. She was exactly 7 months and Stella was 6 months last week (I KNOW!) and they both wore my family’s christening gown. (Story about this to follow in […]

Birthdays and cake

Things are slowly getting back to ‘normal’ round here. Ron is back at work today and I took the girls to the Dr this morning, both got a clean bill of health. This is great news because it means Amy’s cough is most likely viral and will go away and Stella’s snuffly nose and sneezing […]

Egg and soldiers

Ever since I can remember, Sunday nights at home were always egg on toast or eggy bread nights. Mum would whip up scrambled eggs or boiled eggs or my personal favourite, French toast (also know as eggy bread or gypsy bread.) When Mum was here with us she started the tradition with Amy when she […]

Amy’s 2nd birthday party

We had a small party to celebrate Amy’s second birthday the weekend after her actual birthday so that my Dad could be there. Dad had carried a special present for Amy all the way from South Africa and we opened it in the morning before the guests arrived. Every child that grew up in South […]

Amy turns two and sings happy birthday to herself in bed
Christening cake

We arranged a gorgeous cake for Amy’s christening. Whilst my family back in South Africa were eating the last of our wedding cake on the day (ugh, fruit cake!) we had a marble mud cake with white sugar icing and pink writing! Everyone was very generous and gave Amy loads of gifts on her special […]

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