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Amy – 10 months and self-weaning

I am feeling very emotional at the moment. Amy has decided that she no longer needs to breastfeed and so I fed her for the last time on Saturday morning and she hasn’t looked back. I am going to write more about this sometime soon, but right now I feel irrationally sad about it all. […]

Amy – 9 months old

Amy is nine months old. In her short life so far she has been on seven flights, two of those long haul. She has had two lots of antibiotics, one at two weeks to treat a mysterious infection, one more recently for a slight ear infection and she has had two notable bumps on the […]

Teething, breastfeeding and biting

Guess who is teething again?!?! Amy now has 6 teeth!! The top left has come through, I need to try and take a photo of it to show Mum. She can identify whether this is the illusive missing tooth that Amy might or might not have depending on if she has inherited my father’s genetic […]

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