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Wow, a whole week

I can’t believe that a week has past since my last blog post. This place needs an overhaul. So, I am planning a few changes. Nothing in a rush but I am thinking I might migrate this old blog over to a wordpress template and maybe even go self-hosted. I am loving the wordpress platform […]

Opening the floor for questions

What should I talk about? I am heading into another phase of self-imposed internet restrictions and so will have more time for purposeful internet time instead of spending hours clicking from one website to the next. I am working hard to get a website up and running for my new photography business and so am spending […]


I am very lucky in life to have a wide and varied assortment of close and treasured girl friends. Friends from all phases of my life, women that I have met and connected with on many levels and developed close and strong friendships with. I value these friendships immensely. I need to feel surrounded by […]

Bloggity Blog Blog

Remember my self-imposed internet ban a few weeks ago? What an unmitigated disaster that was. I survived without checking my feed reader until the Wednesday when I fell off the wagon in a big way and binged on blogs for a few hours that night. Afterwards I felt bloated and satiated but guilty. I promised […]

Do what I say, not what I do

Don’t worry, don’t panic loyal friends-in-the-internet! My internet holiday is from YOUR blogs, not mine. SO basically I am going to spend my time writing, taking photos and hanging out with my family instead of surfing my feed reader and catching up on what everyone else is doing. At the top of the Reichstag building […]

Desperate times call for desperate measures

I am imposing an internet ban on myself. Actually more like a reader ban. I am going to stop checking other people’s blogs and instead focus my time and energy on my own blog. And the more important things in my life like my children, my husband, my home and my friends. My gorgeous new […]


One of the best things about travel is getting to meet up with people you don’t get to see very often. Case in point, my friend Rebecca and her son Jackson. We shared a delicious lunch at a cool place in Joburg with an awesome multi-storey playarea that of course, Amy didn’t want to play […]

Happy Blog Birthday to me

Guess what I missed this week? My three year blogiversary. Three years ago we were living in London, Amy was three months old, we were planning our move to Australia via a six week holiday in South Africa and I was inspired to FINALLY create my own blog. Initially it was intended to be a […]


Is the world trying to tell me something? I sat down at my computer for my regular breakfast fix in Google Reader and as I was sipping my coffee and eating my peanut butter toast I realised everyone was blogging about the same or similar things. Over at Kicky Boots one of my favourite bloggers, […]

Handbag meme

I should have known it was going to happen. Guera tagged me for the handbag meme where I am compelled to empty the contents of my handbag out and show you what crap I carry round daily. I even changed handbags this weekend for the wedding we went to but ended up throwing back all […]


I have finally updated over at my food blog and admitted defeat. I didn’t manage to post everyday this November, instead I was hanging out with friends. Brendan and Rachel are on an extended honeymoon after getting married recently in London. We were very sad we couldn’t be there but very happy we got to […]

Bloggiversary – 2 years

I can’t believe I missed the Two Year Anniversary of starting this blog! Way back on the 5th October 2006 I decided to start a blog to share photos and news of our 3 month old baby Amy with family and friends around the world. The blog has changed and grown since then and although […]

Putting face to name

We have had a very busy week and as a result I have felt sicker and more tired the last two days than I have done in ages. Annoying. Its been fun though, we met up with some fellow bloggers on Wednesday, it was fantastic to finally meet some friends who I have been emailing […]

Aussie Bloggers

Some of you might have noticed the little Australian shaped button on the bottom right of my blog. I have been a member of the Aussie Bloggers for a few months now and have found the members interesting and helpful and the community a great source of blogging tips and advice. In order to celebrate […]

Food blogging

Despite my recent posts moaning about the lack of time to do all the things I want to get done in the day, I have still decided to resurrect an old food blog of mine. I have grand plans to post my weekly meal planners and toddler friendly foods and its handy having them all […]

5 photos meme

I have been tagged for a meme by my friend Rebecca the mother of Amy’s long distance boyfriend, Jackson. A meme (pronounced /miːm/) is described by Wiki as any unit of cultural information, such as a practice or idea, that gets transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another. Memes propagate themselves […]

My entire life is being blogged

Amy got a present from her friend in the internetfor valentines day this year. Actually the present came from my friend in the internet, Rebecca who bought one for her son on the occasion of the one year anniversary of her blog about her gorgeous boy Jackson. She generously got one for Amy too and […]

I did it
Blogging and parenting

Amy says “who is this cute baby and can I play with him?” Amy and I check our favourite blogs regularily, she likes to point at the pictures and I like to read about what friends (both real life and internet) are up to. Its amazing how helpful reading about other peoples parenting skills can […]


Its a special day. Today my blog turns ONE! Its been a year since we decided to start a blog to document Amy’s adventures so that our family and friends around the world could catch some of the action. My first post was a copy of the birth announcement email that Ron emailed out to […]

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