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How many helium balloons does it take to lift up a baby? Substantially more than 6 in case you were wondering! Posting has been light around here due to an unexpected growth spurt. Stella’s, not mine, although we are still eating leftover cake from the birthday celebrations on the weekend. Stella has been feeding every […]


EDITED TO ADD: I just realised looking at these photos that my daughter has a dimple in the same spot as my sister! Loving the family resemblance! Despite having to say goodbye to my sister at the crack of dawn this morning, its been a good birthday. I can’t believe I am 33 but I […]

Amy’s 2nd birthday party

We had a small party to celebrate Amy’s second birthday the weekend after her actual birthday so that my Dad could be there. Dad had carried a special present for Amy all the way from South Africa and we opened it in the morning before the guests arrived. Every child that grew up in South […]

Amy turns two and sings happy birthday to herself in bed
Happy 2nd Birthday Amy

Happy Second Birthday Amy Grace! Amy woke us up this morning from her bedroom saying “Mummy, Mummy, I’m calling you, Amy wake” So we got up with cups of tea and piles of presents and had loads of fun opening them. Amy loves her new Dolly in its little car seat with a seat belt. […]

My birthday weekend

I had a lovely birthday weekend. It started on Friday afternoon when I collected Ron from work, he asked me to drive round to the driveway entrance to his office building because he had some heavy boxes to carry. He appeared bearing large gifts, all wrapped up, very exciting! We had a relaxed evening at […]

Social life

Today was a great day despite the wet weather. We hosted lunch for my Mother’s Group with husbands and babies and had 10 of us in all including 5 children. Ron played a very wet round of golf teeing off at 5.30am so was home by 10.30 and Amy and I had a lazy morning […]

Happy 34th Birthday Ron

Amy and I had fun with crayons today! I did most of the colouring in, but she supervised! Amy didn’t seem to like the end result much, but it was fun making it! Happy 34th Birthday to my darling husband, Ron. Its been a whirlwind year since we last celebrated your birthday with a fancy […]

Adam’s 1st birthday party at the trains

Today was Adam’s first birthday party. His parents Rosie and Stephen have become even better friends since we moved back to Sydney and Amy and Adam are three months apart in age and have become good friends. Stephen’s dad is a member of a miniature railway club and this was a fantastic venue for a […]


Its a special day. Today my blog turns ONE! Its been a year since we decided to start a blog to document Amy’s adventures so that our family and friends around the world could catch some of the action. My first post was a copy of the birth announcement email that Ron emailed out to […]

Birthday portraits

A few more birthday portraits of Amy. She was very good at unwrapping presents and seemed to enjoy the process of finding out what was underneath. As I have mentioned a few times before, Amy was wonderfully spoilt by her Gogga and Grandpa. Look at the fantastic look of anticipation on her face below as […]

Amy and Daddy

Ron had prepared a little birthday suprise for both Amy and I. I supposed that when he wore his rugby jersey on the morning of Amy’s birthday it was in support of the Wallabies, however he actually just wanted to match Amy when she opened her special present from him! (who looks more excited in […]

Amy’s 1st birthday party

Amy’s birthday party day started with presents. You can tell her Daddy dressed her for the party, I didn’t want to cause a fuss and argue the point, the Wallabies were playing South Africa that night so I felt quietly confident! (oops) The party was relatively small, my parents, Ron’s parents, Amy’s godparents Myfanwy and […]

Amy’s 1st birthday piggie

I still haven’t posted anything about Amy’s first birthday. We had such a lovely weekend and she enjoyed every minute of it! Here she is posting her birthday money into her money pig! Thanks Claire, Dan and Gracie for being so thoughtful and generously sending Amy Aussie dollars for her piggybank!

Birthday with Mum and Dad

My 31st birthday on Friday 29th June was a quiet family affair. Ron and I were both feeling sick with manflu, (feeling deathlike/no symptoms whatsoever!) Mum and Dad were jetlagged and Amy was growing four hundred and eleven molars! We had a late start, opened presents over breakfast and then went up to our local […]

Cocktails for breakfast

Cocktails for breakfast on my birthday! Certainly better than last year on my 30th when I was 9 months and 3 million days pregnant! (OK – so there weren’t any actual cocktails, but there will be thanks to YOU – Greg, Amanda and Harry!)

Amy waits for Gogga and Packet to walk properly

There have been some monumentous events over the past few days, first birthday parties, 31st birthdays, lots of love and cuddles with grandparents, but the biggest has to be Amy learning to toddle all on her own. We have been joking over the past weeks about tying Amy’s feet together and nailing her shoes to […]

Amy’s Birth Story – 1 year on

A look back at this time last year…….. The week leading up to Amy’s birth was a tough one for both Ron and I. We had gone into hospital for a check up and scan on the Friday and our baby was doing very well but showed no sign of making an appearance anytime soon! […]

Walking and catching up

Mum and Dad are here and its wonderful, apart from the jetlag, deathly colds and major teething issues! (Try work out which belongs to whom!) My birthday was lovely, very quiet and uneventful but a real treat to have both my parents here to celebrate with me. Amy has been loving the attention and chose […]

Ron’s 33rd Birthday

HAPPY 33RD BIRTHDAY DADDY! Amy, Ron and I went for a walk by the Thames again on Monday, Ron’s birthday. We had a lovely day being tourists and then Ron and I went out for dinner at Chez Bruce in Wandsworth. Its a Michelin starred restaurant where Ron took me for my birthday lunch when […]

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