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Growing and changing.
Growing and changing.

This year has seen a lot of growing and changing in our family and our home. We have celebrated a few birthdays already and some other milestones. Amy took a swan dive off the cubby house and split open her chin which meant a swift visit to the local emergency room. She was brave until […]

Amy’s sixth birthday party.
Amy's sixth birthday party.

I love to entertain, I love having friends round and cooking for them or baking for the kids morning tea. There is truth in the saying “you don’t know what you have till its gone” because it wasn’t until January this year that I realised just how much I need to have that social interaction […]

Amy, now you are SIX!
Amy, now you are SIX!

Happy sixth birthday my precious first born. It hardly seems possible that six years have passed since we met Amy for the first time. Last year I talked about how special five is, that last year before school begins. The year before last I talked about how being four was all about being full of […]

Happy 5th Birthday to my BLOG!

I wish I had something amazing planned for my blog’s 5th birthday. A huge giveaway, an amazing treasure hunt through my archives, an announcement about my book deal! But sadly I don’t really have much to say at all…. it kind of crept up on me! Five years ago Amy was 3 months old and […]

A legacy
A legacy

While my Mum was here last week we celebrated Amy’s fifth birthday and carried on a tradition my Mum started when Amy was born. You might remember Amy’s plates from this post a few years ago? Since then Mum has added a gorgeous Christmas bowl to Amy’s collection and now she received her fifth plate, […]

Amy’s 5th birthday party, again…
Amy's 5th birthday party, again...

On Sunday we celebrated Amy’s 5th birthday, again, this time with four of her friends from preschool. This is the first time Amy has had her own, special party and I had such fun planning it and putting it all together! It was lovely sharing the burden of organising the party with my Mum. We […]

Five years ago.
Five years ago.

This time five years ago I was still in labour. I had been in labour for two long days already, induced on the Tuesday night and still waiting on Thursday for our first baby to be born. I was tired and a bit scared and not quite sure what was going to happen next. Not […]

Birthday brunch – a recap
Birthday brunch - a recap

On Sunday Amy and I celebrated our birthdays with some of our favourite people. Instead of our annual birthday BBQ we decided to shake it up and have brunch, croissants, bacon & eggs on the bbq, fizzy wine and fresh O.J. Perfect! Amy’s suprise guest was a clown called Pajamas who kept her audience enthralled […]

Birthday happiness
Birthday happiness

True happiness can be achieved in simple ways. A cup of coffee and a birthday kiss, a special gift. Time spent with someone loved. Today has been a special birthday indeed…. Cake suprise for breakfast! Presents! The girls playing with Gogga and the teeny, tiny furniture she found at Granny Grace’s flat in Cardiff. A […]

When it rains, it pours.
When it rains, it pours.

Its Tuesday night and our Easter long weekend is over. Back to work and preschool tomorrow for Ron and Amy, back to loads of washing and episodes of Dora for me and Stella! So, it was a great weekend despite the way it ended! Those of you that are friends with me on Facebook will […]


Our own little slice of heaven, in a secret location, somewhere south of Sydney! We turned down a dirt road, drove for 20 minutes and then walked through the bush to discover this perfect spot. We had a wonderful weekend away, lots of time on the sand and in the water despite high winds and […]

Family antics

Its Ron’s birthday this weekend and we are going to go away for the night, just us four. Ron’s uncle has a caravan down the coast in a lovely, secluded beachside town. I am looking forward to playing on the beach with the girls and sharing a bottle or two of red wine with Ron […]


We had a busy day today, the whole family came with me to boxing and the children played in the park while I died a few horrible exercise deaths on the basketball court. I really have to stop taking such long breaks between classes. Exhausting. Back home after coffees in the park we got busy […]

Happy Birthday my darling girl

This time four years ago we were waiting. I had been in labour for two days and Ron and I were out of our depth, relying on hospital staff and hope to get through it all and meet our baby. The moment I finally pushed her out into the world is one of my most […]

Amy’s 4th Birthday party

I don’t know who was more excited about Amy’s birthday cake, me or the birthday girl! I had SUCH fun making this, seriously, it looks amazing and once again got lots of gasps when I sliced it open, but really wasn’t that complicated to make. (Post about that coming soon.) In the meantime just a […]

A special day spent with my girls and Ron

I had a wonderful day yesterday, spent with my girls and Ron who spoiled me and took such good care of me. Croissants for breakfast, 45 minutes to myself to have my hair cut and dried. Shopping and a coffee before a true highlight -our family photoshoot in the afternoon, seriously, such fun. Later we […]

Happy Birthday my precious Stella

My precious Stella, today you are One. Today is the anniversary of the day that we met you for the first time although in the instant of meeting you it was as though I had known you always. I think back to those days before you arrived and I marvel that it was you inside […]

Birthday cake – a taster

We celebrated Stella’s 1st birthday party today with friends and family. It was a lovely afternoon, Stella had a great sleep right in the middle of it leaving me time to catch up with friends and enjoy myself and she was in a super mood when she woke up, just right for CAKE! I think […]

Happy Birthday Ron

This week Ron turned 36. I decided to spoil him because he deserves it and because he has had a rough few months with his knee injury, and because I love him a lot. When the girls woke up we all go into bed together to open some presents. Amy helped me wrap them and […]

Amy’s third birthday questions

A while ago a friend in the internet wrote a birthday post where she included some questions she asked her birthday boy. I thought this was a great tradition to start, especially as though Amy is old enough now to understand questions and give me some good answers! This was the result from our first […]

Stella travels to South Africa

Photos in this post are from the party we had for Mum’s 60th, my reason for travelling back to South Africa. It was a painting party held at a boutique hotel just outside of Johannesburg followed by a gourmet picnic in the hotel grounds! I was going to include this in Stella’s four month update […]

Where I have been

and no, it wasn’t sleep training. Sorry for the little white lie, rumour travels fast in cyberspace so I got Ron to publish a post on the day I was travelling! I think that this last week is the longest I have gone without updating the blog. I had good reason. For three weeks my […]

Birthdays and cake

Things are slowly getting back to ‘normal’ round here. Ron is back at work today and I took the girls to the Dr this morning, both got a clean bill of health. This is great news because it means Amy’s cough is most likely viral and will go away and Stella’s snuffly nose and sneezing […]

Stella is 10 weeks old

Stella at 10 weeks – developmental milestones & growth spurts. Its been a hard week. My sister left at 6am on Monday morning, the day I turned 33. Birthdays don’t have much meaning or relevance to me since having children. I can’t really get that enthusiastic which is a little sad especially since Ron has […]

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