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Amy, now you are SIX!
Amy, now you are SIX!

Happy sixth birthday my precious first born. It hardly seems possible that six years have passed since we met Amy for the first time. Last year I talked about how special five is, that last year before school begins. The year before last I talked about how being four was all about being full of […]

Five years ago.
Five years ago.

This time five years ago I was still in labour. I had been in labour for two long days already, induced on the Tuesday night and still waiting on Thursday for our first baby to be born. I was tired and a bit scared and not quite sure what was going to happen next. Not […]

A reminder – Before, birth and beyond

Its late and I really should go to bed but inspired by the fabulous Leah at A Girl and a Boy whom I have been reading for years, I thought I would post a link to the video I made to celebrate Amy’s first year. Its wonderful looking back on the early photos of Amy […]

Stella’s birth story Part III

Stella Margaret White   Birth Story – Part III WARNING: This post contains a lot of information about the actual process of birthing a baby and might not be for the faint hearted or heavily pregnant! Part I and Part II here. I announced that another contraction was coming and grabbed for Ron’s hand, both […]

Stella’s birth story Part II

Stella Margaret White   Birth Story – Part II Part I is here. I felt a sense of peace as we waited for the call to go out and when Penny came back in 5 minutes later saying that an anaethetist that she really liked was on her way I knew we had made the […]

Stella’s birth story Part I

Stella Margaret White   Birth Story – Part I I never really believed I would have my baby before my due date despite everyone telling me second babies usually arrived early. At 37 weeks I came down with a terrible cold which took me nearly a week to shake off, I definitely didn’t feel like […]

Stella arrives

Stella Margaret White is born!!!   The White Girls welcome Stella Margaret Amy meets her little sister Stella 22-4-09 Big sister Amy with Stella Stella at 5 hours old. Proud Dad What a wonderful day, a healthy baby girl born at 3.28pm on Wednesday 22nd April 2009, Sydney, Australia. Weight 3.995kg, 54cm long.

Ron has a baby

A little taster of the type of photo coming tomorrow with “The BIG pregnancy post”…….. This is Ron, posing so I can get the camera and tripod lined up. This is how we took my belly shots last pregnancy so each week I just had to step up to the mark and the camera and […]

Before, Birth and Beyond

I have been working on something for the last few days that I have been thinking about doing since before Amy was even born! Its not perfect, I haven’t done something like this before so was learning as I was going, but I am very happy with the end result! I would love to hear […]

Amy’s Birth Story – 1 year on

A look back at this time last year…….. The week leading up to Amy’s birth was a tough one for both Ron and I. We had gone into hospital for a check up and scan on the Friday and our baby was doing very well but showed no sign of making an appearance anytime soon! […]

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