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Our own little slice of heaven, in a secret location, somewhere south of Sydney! We turned down a dirt road, drove for 20 minutes and then walked through the bush to discover this perfect spot. We had a wonderful weekend away, lots of time on the sand and in the water despite high winds and […]

I am back!

I am back. In case you missed me. A whole lot of stuff happened including our wireless router exploding which meant everytime I wanted to check my email I had to come into the bedroom which meant Stella would then wedge herself behind the fridge or attempt to scale the dustbin or climb up onto […]

Stella is nine months old – an update

Stella is nine months old. Her seven month milestone passed in a frantic blur as I tried to get organised for our holiday to South Africa. She celebrated by getting herself up onto all fours from lying on her stomach. I was convinced she would crawl immediately but she waited for her eight month birthday […]

Still on holiday…..

Normal posting to resume next week.

Heaven is a beach on earth

We have just got back from 12 days at the beach. It was the most blissful, relaxed, happy, fun time we could have asked for. We stayed at our family holiday flat right in the dunes and fell asleep listening to the waves every night. You can see Mum in her red sarong on the […]

A bit of this, a bit of that

Our holiday so far, in pictures. Amy slept a few hours on the flight then went to bed at 8pm and woke a few hours later at 12.30am. She was awake all the way through until 11am that morning when we finally convinced her to have a nap. Getting her to sleep was a problem, […]


On Saturday the temperature in Sydney was predicted to rise above 40 degrees again, the fourth day in a row of above 35 degree temp days. I was sick and tired of staying indoors with the aircon on and arguing with Amy about who could watch their tv show so we threw the bag of […]

Bubbles at the beach

We were chased by the big storm in Sydney on Sunday, all the way from our house to the beach where we intended on picnicking with friends. Instead we had a delicious lasagne washed down with red wine while the rain lashed the house. Then suddenly after lunch the rain clouds blew away and we […]

Camping at the beach

Its time for a couple of catch up posts since I apparently don’t have anything interesting going on in our lives right now! We are taking it easy and gearing up for the trip to London next week. I still have to write about Amy’s amazing speech development and I also have a post up […]

An early morning swim

In between gardening we managed a quick trip to the beach. Monday was a holiday and Amy was up uncharacteristically early at 6.30 so by 8am we were up and ready to get out. We drove across to Manly and met up with Sal and Paul and the boys who were on the beach with […]

Beach days

Moving to Sydney from London has been such a great way to get to know this city. I arrived slightly jaded and a bit cynical about the benefits of living in a large metropolitan city and as a result I have been well and truly spoiled by all that Sydney has to offer. Firstly I […]

A glorious morning at the beach

Friday was yet another gorgeous day in Sydney. Amy had been sleeping better since the “great tooth possibility” that was Sun, Mon and Tue and I woke up feeling motivated to go somewhere. My old school friend Caro lives at Bondi with her husband and daughter and we had made tentative plans to meet up […]

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