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Stella travels to South Africa

Photos in this post are from the party we had for Mum’s 60th, my reason for travelling back to South Africa. It was a painting party held at a boutique hotel just outside of Johannesburg followed by a gourmet picnic in the hotel grounds! I was going to include this in Stella’s four month update […]

A wildlife post

Weeks ago, in fact nearly a month ago now when my sister came to stay, we took Amy and Stella to the small wildlife park up the road from us. Amy got to pat a koala (they smell funny) and chase chickens and run around. Liv and I got cricked necks from looking up into […]

Stella is 6 weeks old

Stella Margaret White – 6 weeks old Time seems to be slipping away from me and each day Stella ages and changes and grows. Her small froglike body is lengthening, her clenched hands now open up and grab onto hair and shirts and blankets. Her eyes appear too big for her small face, the eyelashes […]


Sunday 24th May – Circular Quay for coffee with friends from the UK via Perth. (its scary that I still look pregnant in this photo. That bump is actually Stella, asleep in the sling!) Ron started sniffing yesterday and Amy went to bed and coughed sporadically through out the night. Sigh. Thankfully my cold is […]

Sleep and the newborn

Through out my pregnancy when people asked me practical questions like “where will the baby sleep?” I always gave very ambiguous answers. We didn’t want to make too many parenting decisions before meeting our child so we couldn’t decide where the baby would sleep until we knew whether the baby was a good sleeper, or […]

Stella is 3 weeks old

Stella is three weeks old today. I have been keeping a daily diary since we came home from hospital. In it I record when Stella is awake or asleep, which side breast she has fed from and for how long, when she went down in her cot and how easy or difficult it was to […]

Happy Mothers Day

A happy White family at the rugby yesterday. It was great fun showing off Stella in her sling, people were amazed I was wearing her, most of the other new Mums had the prams with all the STUFF and hadn’t really considered wearing their babies. Amy was in her element running around and playing with […]


A lot of people have asked me how Amy is coping with her new baby sister. Well the answer so far is that she is coping very well indeed. In fact I don’t think we have seen any changes in her behaviour and she is sweet and tender and gentle with Stella. She often comes […]


Amy doesn’t quite fit into my ergo baby carrier yet! She never liked it much when I tried to wear her on my front when she was little and she can’t see over the top when I strap her on my back, so for now, the ergo is being packed away. However we recently sucessfully […]

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