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Happy Anniversary!

Today Ron and I are celebrating our seven year wedding anniversary. Ron suprised me with beautiful flowers and this evening we cooked a delicious rib eye steak and served it with a fresh spinach salad with sundried tomatos, red onion, pine nuts and feta cheese. Just when I thought that was it, he brought out another […]

Happy Blog Birthday to me

Guess what I missed this week? My three year blogiversary. Three years ago we were living in London, Amy was three months old, we were planning our move to Australia via a six week holiday in South Africa and I was inspired to FINALLY create my own blog. Initially it was intended to be a […]

5 year wedding anniversary

Ron and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary yesterday by going out for dinner with friends whilst Amy spent the night with Grandma and Grandad. This morning we had a leisurely start followed by breakfast on the deck with the papers and we are going to head off now to watch Slumd0g Millionaire before […]

Free chocolate

Yesterday was the second anniversary of our arrival in Australia. On the 6th January, 2007 we flew into Sydney from Johannesburg after a 6 week holiday in South Africa. I remember feeling excited, nervous and homesick/confused, not sure whether I was missing my family or my friends, or my old life or London or all […]

Wedding memories

CAPTION: One of my favourite photos of Ron and I from our wedding. Last weekend’s wedding really got me thinking about relationships and what matters. Ron and I will have been married for 5 years in January. Actually, if you count our first, secret wedding then we have been married for 5 years 3 months […]

Bloggiversary – 2 years

I can’t believe I missed the Two Year Anniversary of starting this blog! Way back on the 5th October 2006 I decided to start a blog to share photos and news of our 3 month old baby Amy with family and friends around the world. The blog has changed and grown since then and although […]

Four year wedding anniversary – an engagement story

Ron and I are celebrating our four year wedding anniversary this Thursday. We will be spending our anniversary night flying to London for a dear friend’s wedding, what better way to celebrate our marriage than by attending the wedding of friends? In light of this monumentous occasion I thought I would share our engagement night […]

Hen do’s and Stag Don’ts

This post is especially for Carol – who is getting married on the 26th January 2008. Hen Do’s and Stag Don’ts Do wear a veil if your friends insist, its silly, frivilous and doesn’t have to be a statement about anything. Do get as many wonderful women in a room together as you can, cook […]


Its a special day. Today my blog turns ONE! Its been a year since we decided to start a blog to document Amy’s adventures so that our family and friends around the world could catch some of the action. My first post was a copy of the birth announcement email that Ron emailed out to […]

3rd wedding anniversary

I forgot to post this on our wedding aniversary! This is one of my favourite photos from the day, taken by my friend Myfanwy. I can’t believe the last three years have gone by so fast! Thanks Ron for being such a great husband and Dad!

Amy – 7 months

Ron took me out for dinner last week to celebrate our three year wedding anniversary! Grandma and Grandad were baby sitting, so I went in to check on Amy before we left and found her sleeping like this! I don’t know why but this is another milestone that caught me unawares. There is something so […]

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