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The Super Whites
The Stage.
The Stage.

We are a few days away from the annual dance concert. This will be Stella’s first time dancing up on stage and she is pretty excited! Last year she was heartbroken not to be allowed to get up and have a go and I know she is going to love it. It helps she will […]

Renovations – the side of the house
Renovations - the side of the house

Buying a rundown old house means there is always something on the to-do list and even though we have been in our home for more than 7 months now, that list hardly seems to shrink in fact the longer we are here, the more we keep adding to the list. One of the things that […]

Renovations – the deck
Renovations - the deck

The deck was probably the easiest part of our whole renovation in terms of decision making and actual construction and yet it brings such a huge amount of joy to our lifestyle. If you asked me to chose between the deck and the kitchen, which one I love the most…. it would be a tough […]

Renovations – new sewer system
Renovations - new sewer system

There are many side-effects to buying a new house. Along with the fun stuff, imagining where all your furniture will go and picking out paint colours, comes the negative. Discovering that your sewer system is borked and needs to be replaced. Sigh. We have had lots of ups with our house but also many lows, […]

Renovations – moving into the kitchen
Renovations - moving into the kitchen

Because we still haven’t completed the splashback or the rangehood, or even the lighting for the matter, I am loathe to photograph my kitchen properly for the “after” shot. We are getting there however, last weekend we bought our pendant lights which will eventually be installed over the kitchen bench. As I mentioned previously, our […]

Renovations – the kitchen…. continued.
Renovations - the kitchen.... continued.

So after the kitchen was installed, a  week late due to some issues with where the gas and electricity was plumbed in for the stove. What? I had no idea that I would end up becoming project manager, by default. Just because I happened to be home at the time the tradesmen were installing stuff […]

Renovations – The kitchen
Renovations - The kitchen

One of the pieces of advice I have given to some friends who are renovating their home, is not to leave too many finishing details until the end of the job. Or at least to ensure those little details are completed before the room becomes functional. In our case we left the decision about the […]

Farm visit
Farm visit

Last week our playgroup went on our annual excursion, we went up to a small farm about 40 minutes away and had a lovely morning together. Its been hard getting Stella to playgroup the last few months, there are quite a few younger boys and the playing has changed, she is happier to go now […]

The girls.
The girls.

I really need to write a long post about our beautiful girls but right now my little old laptop is running red hot from the three photoshoots I am editing and I literally cannot do anything on it without it slowing down to practically backwards speed. So, it’s another iPhone post, thank goodness for iPhone […]

Milestones and kilometers.
Milestones and kilometers.

Today I woke up before my family and got dressed in my running gear that I had laid out the night before. I got a lift with my running buddy to the event and then lined up with thousands of other runners and prepared myself to run 10kms. It was an awesome run, maybe a […]

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