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The Super Whites
Free wifi with a hashbrown

We have been out of the old house for a week now and my inlaws have graciously welcomed us and all our clobber into their home. It’s been a strange week, I am caught between a huge organizational rush and being a full time childcare provider. It’s proving impossible to do much with both the […]


Sorry, we were too busy last night to do a blog post!

Blogging from my bed.
Blogging from my bed.

I forgot to post before I switched off tonight so am trying out my iPhone app again. I have some great posts coming up next week after I get my work out of the way, this photo is a taster!

I won’t tell, if you won’t tell.

Ok, so forgive me, Day 2 of Nablopomo and I failed. But my reasons for not posting far outway the value of actually posting. I was spending one final day with my Mum and Dad and Ron and the girls before my parents left. No time for blogging. Sorry. I will make it up to […]

Mobile blogging
Mobile blogging

Tapping away on my iPhone, having a go at mobile blogging! Photo taken on my way to bootcamp this evening.

Meeting new babies

Last week we went round to Sarah and Charlie’s to meet their new little boy, Oliver. He is totally gorgeous and I held him in my arms feeling quite overwhelmed at how teeny and perfectly formed he is! The irony is that he was born weighing 4.45kgs so there is nothing teeny about him and […]

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