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5 year wedding anniversary

Ron and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary yesterday by going out for dinner with friends whilst Amy spent the night with Grandma and Grandad. This morning we had a leisurely start followed by breakfast on the deck with the papers and we are going to head off now to watch Slumd0g Millionaire before […]

Belly shots – 23 weeks

I promised my Mum I would put some more belly pics up despite the depression that overcame me after I actually saw them! Not taking any belly pics this time around means I am obviously living in denial about my actual bump. Thankfully I have finally come to my senses and yesterday I rushed out […]

Wedding memories

CAPTION: One of my favourite photos of Ron and I from our wedding. Last weekend’s wedding really got me thinking about relationships and what matters. Ron and I will have been married for 5 years in January. Actually, if you count our first, secret wedding then we have been married for 5 years 3 months […]

Daddy dressed me

Ron quite often dresses Amy on a weekend whilst I languish in bed with my head under the pillows trying to ignore the mayhem going on outside. Shouts of “NO POOPOO” and “COME HERE SO I CAN CHANGE YOUR NAPPY” and “NOOOOOOO DADDY, AMY IS BUSY!” Its not easy getting a lie-in around this place […]

Anzac Day

Today is ANZAC Day when Australians and New Zealanders all over the world stop to commemerate those Aussie’s and Kiwi’s who fought for peace during war times. When Ron and I lived in London, Anzac day was always a great day to go out and have a drink for the Diggers and a game of […]

Eating not working

I am exhausted! I worked Friday night and last night and both nights I didn’t get home until 11pm. What with showering and reading for a while to decompress, I haven’t been going to sleep before 12pm and it shows in the bags under my eyes! We have had a fun weekend so far and […]

Destination wedding

One of the biggest treats about this holiday was that we were able to share lots of it with my parents. For this I have the lovely bride to thank, she even invited my Mum and Dad to her wedding so that we could all have the excuse to make a holiday of it. Thank […]

Four year wedding anniversary – an engagement story

Ron and I are celebrating our four year wedding anniversary this Thursday. We will be spending our anniversary night flying to London for a dear friend’s wedding, what better way to celebrate our marriage than by attending the wedding of friends? In light of this monumentous occasion I thought I would share our engagement night […]

Fun with blocks

Amy inherited an old train track and train from some friends, the same friends who took us waterskiing up the river and also brought round a brilliant old swing set that their kids have grown out of! Friends are great like that. Amy got a bag of soft blocks from her godparents Myfanwy and Jason […]

Domestic goddess

I thought I would pepper this rather long post with some photos of me as a child, for your viewing enjoyment! I have to address a recent misconception that has occurred as a result of my last post about my Christmas craftiness. After I received a flurry of emails commenting on my domestic goddess abilities […]


We have had another very busy week and weekend. Ron and I were out for dinner on Friday night whilst Amy stayed with Grandma and Grandad and we were out again last night celebrating Rosie’s birthday. We met up again with them today for Amy and Adam’s swimming lesson. Both children are really getting the […]

Social life

Today was a great day despite the wet weather. We hosted lunch for my Mother’s Group with husbands and babies and had 10 of us in all including 5 children. Ron played a very wet round of golf teeing off at 5.30am so was home by 10.30 and Amy and I had a lazy morning […]

Happy 34th Birthday Ron

Amy and I had fun with crayons today! I did most of the colouring in, but she supervised! Amy didn’t seem to like the end result much, but it was fun making it! Happy 34th Birthday to my darling husband, Ron. Its been a whirlwind year since we last celebrated your birthday with a fancy […]

Fathers Day

We celebrated Father’s Day here in Sydney recently and in the ongoing tradition of giving each other culinary gifts, Ron got a big, new, shiny BBQ as his fathers day present! We got carried away and spent a bit more money than we intended, but boy have we used this beast a lot since and […]

Ron’s fat ankle

A few quick pics, I am so tired, we have been so busy, which is lovely, but phew, tiring! This is Ron’s ankle a few weeks ago after a bad sprain at rugby. He had physio last week and he is cleared to play again, but there will be risks involved. I think Ron is […]

Hair and beards

There have been some hair issues in the White household! Ron grew his annual winter beard for when my parents were here. It kept him warm and woolly up in the Hunter Valley but was trimmed down to a goatee when we got back. I kind of liked the goatee even though I swore I […]

Start your engines

Just a little something that Ron found in a catalogue that had us both laughing!

Amy and Daddy

Ron had prepared a little birthday suprise for both Amy and I. I supposed that when he wore his rugby jersey on the morning of Amy’s birthday it was in support of the Wallabies, however he actually just wanted to match Amy when she opened her special present from him! (who looks more excited in […]

My very own Bobby

Look what Ron got me for my birthday! My very own Bobby! Very exciting – story to follow. Liv, even though you are off with the fairies at the Grahamstown fest, this pic is especially for YOU!!!

1st grade rugby try

Ron and I are eating like kings thanks to some Grandma luck on Saturday at the rugby. Amy and I went up to Boronia Park to watch Ron play first grade for Hunters Hill. Margaret was looking after Amy whilst I ran up and down the tryline taking photos. Would you believe it, but I […]

Super rugby

Ron and I were invited by Margaret and David to watch the Waratahs v. Highlanders game the other weekend. The game was most depressing until the last ten minutes when the Waratahs scored two last minute tries to almost win the game. We enjoyed the beer and the company instead! Gareth and Jade joined us […]

Supporting the swans

We had a busy weekend, on Saturday we went house hunting again. Very tiring and hot but good to see whats out there. Saturday night Ron and I left Amy with Grandma and Grandad and went to watch an Australian Football game with Gaye and James. We had tickets for the Sydney Swans against the […]


Amy likes to help her Dad with the laundry.

Curse of the Aussie cricket fan

Last Friday Ron and I went to the SCG to watch England play Australia in a Day/Night game. Ron apparently carries a curse when he goes to watch Australia play cricket, we were at the memorable 438 cricket game in March in South Africa where Australia posted the highest ODI score ever, only to get […]

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