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The Super Whites

Our own little slice of heaven, in a secret location, somewhere south of Sydney! We turned down a dirt road, drove for 20 minutes and then walked through the bush to discover this perfect spot. We had a wonderful weekend away, lots of time on the sand and in the water despite high winds and […]

Cross posting

I know I already posted this over at my Photography business website but I couldn’t resist putting it here too. This photo is growing on me. I think I was just too irritated with my muse after I took the photo to truly appreciate it! Sheesh but Amy annoys me, everytime I turn my camera on […]


Amy still has eyelashes like spiders. Those of you who have had a look at my business website for Sarah White Images will remember the photo taken of Amy’s eyelashes back when she was just a year old. She still has the most spectacular lashes, coupled with her beautiful english rose complexion and scattering of freckles, this […]

Once a week?

Maybe I should aim to post once a week, that way I won’t be disappointed! I cannot explain to you how busy I am right now, its been such an incredible week. A photoshoot last Friday, another this Monday and then I spent Tuesday and Wednesday doing a workshop with seven other photographers under the […]

Sarah White Images

I would like to introduce you to my newest baby. There are still some little issues to work out and fiddle with but I am slowly getting there and thought it high time I launched the website and started to actually look for some business! Sarah White Images

My curious child

I told Ron to pull over on the side of the road when we were driving through the Hunter Valley last weekend. I spotted some tall grass and I desperately wanted to try taking a photograph in the style that you see everywhere at the moment. You know, sun low behind, lots of light flooding […]

On my mind

Amy’s illustration of our family, I drew ME second from left then she completed the picture. I am so exhausted. I am comparing this feeling of complete weariness to back when Stella was a newborn. I have had the same kind of broken, stressful sleep over the last week or so and now my body […]

While I was watching….

Seconds after I captured this expressive image, the bird attempted to eat that adorable outstretched finger. Parenting lesson #227 sometimes stepping out of the frame for a second is long enough for disaster to still find you.

Winter days

Finally, a photo of Amy looking relaxed and natural! Mind you I had to bribe her with lollies to pose for me! I have been eyeing out these autumn leaves for weeks now, we drive past them on the way to drop Ron at work and I managed to get the photos I wanted, but […]

Sarah White Images

I have had my new camera for nearly two weeks now and the love affair grows stronger everyday! I adore my new lenses and still feel like a kid on Christmas day when I get it out of my camera bag. I have yet to do an official photoshoot with a paying client using my […]

Keeping me busy

Dream big, seize those moments and hold on tight, imagine that what you believe might come true. Take time to listen and allow those who love you to help in any way they can. Be humble, be brave, be everything that everyone has ever told you that you could be. Do those things that cause […]

Slowing it right down

I am still struggling but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Would you believe that Ron has been on a course in the city for the last two days meaning he leaves at 7.30am and is only home at 6.30pm and then next week he is away for another night doing his […]


I am very lucky in life to have a wide and varied assortment of close and treasured girl friends. Friends from all phases of my life, women that I have met and connected with on many levels and developed close and strong friendships with. I value these friendships immensely. I need to feel surrounded by […]

Big things are going to happen
Photographs – windows to my world

I haven’t spoken much about photography over the last few weeks. To be fair, I haven’t spoken much about anything over the last few weeks, just been very busy, living in the moment. Consumed by grocery shopping, meal planning, lunchbox making and nappy folding. But every now and again I have moments of pure, unadulterated […]

Desperate times call for desperate measures

I am imposing an internet ban on myself. Actually more like a reader ban. I am going to stop checking other people’s blogs and instead focus my time and energy on my own blog. And the more important things in my life like my children, my husband, my home and my friends. My gorgeous new […]

A poor craftsman blames his tools

Three weeks into the photography course and I am alive with inspiration and motivation. However I am also slightly despondant at the amount of work I need to do if I have any intention of launching myself as a professional. Manual mode focal length 28mm f4.5 1/25sec ISO400 Our homework assignment from the first week […]

Spreading her wings

(apologies for the cheesey blog title. I couldn’t resist.) We went to a special birthday party in the park yesterday. A close friend has a colleague who’s son has been diagnosed with a disease that is going to make his life very hard over the coming years. The company threw the family a birthday party and […]


I am photography obsessed at the moment and spent a pleasant few hours this morning going through a big box of stuff that includes my old uni portfolio. God I was a self-indulgent student! I discovered photography in a BIG way in my first year at university. I was studying for a bachelor of Journalism, majoring […]

Home Loving Thursday

I have used today’s “Home Loving Thursday” to do a bit of personal housekeeping rather than actual housekeeping. I am in ‘that’ phase of my cycle and have been feeling moody and disgruntled. I can’t seem to make the simplest decisions and big plans like our trip to Perth in May are leaving me feeling […]

Lost mojo: reward offered

The wedding was great despite the extreme heat. The ceremony was outdoors but we all sheltered inside until it started and then raced back in to down cold drinks afterwards. The bride looked amazing, the groom got emotional which always gets to me and it was fabulous spending time with Ron and relaxing away from […]

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t

Above, the tweaked version. Below, the original version. Photoshop, how I love thee, and hate thee, in equal measures. I spent a lot of time today fiddling with this photo. And no matter where I end up, I still don’t think its that far from the original. Or at least not far enough to justify […]

Photography, the highlights and the lowlights

My brain has been processing all sorts of things since my recently. I thought I would try and write a little about what has been going on inside my head when it comes to photography lately. I have been thinking about photography A LOT and anyone who has known me for a while, or knows […]

Some more christening photoshoot outtakes

I have so many posts up my sleeve but tonight I am copping out with some more photos because I am out for dinner with a friend, a grown-up friend, just me and her, us girls, no children, no husbands, no distractions. Us, a bottle of wine, a delicious thai meal and LOTS of chatting. […]

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