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The Super Whites
Five years ago.
Five years ago.

This time five years ago I was still in labour. I had been in labour for two long days already, induced on the Tuesday night and still waiting on Thursday for our first baby to be born. I was tired and a bit scared and not quite sure what was going to happen next. Not […]

Birthday brunch – a recap
Birthday brunch - a recap

On Sunday Amy and I celebrated our birthdays with some of our favourite people. Instead of our annual birthday BBQ we decided to shake it up and have brunch, croissants, bacon & eggs on the bbq, fizzy wine and fresh O.J. Perfect! Amy’s suprise guest was a clown called Pajamas who kept her audience enthralled […]

My colourful muse
My colourful muse

Amy’s best friend from preschool had her 5th birthday party this weekend. Luckily the rain held off for a few hours so they could enjoy the clown themed party. Amy was first in line for the face painting and does it suprise you she chose to be a princess? No, didn’t suprise me. She was […]

Amy, the tiger.

Amy the tiger (not having any luck embedding this, so click on the link above to go to the video at utube) Every time I watch this I laugh. Like a proper laugh. I think its the way Stella’s little body goes rigid with anticipation of the fright! Too cute.

My grown up girls.
My grown up girls.

Over the weekend Ron and I decided that it was haircut time again. Amy’s hair is very much like mine, its quite fine hair but she has a lot of it so its very thick and as a result, the longer it gets, the longer it takes to wash and dry. Daylight savings ending means […]


Still talking food. Please tell me friends, how do you get your children to eat an adventurous and varied diet? Seriously. How often do you cook mushrooms? I don’t like raw mushrooms but I love cooked mushrooms, but even so, no mushrooms on my meal plan for the last few months. So why am I […]

Starting again
Starting again

My Mum has been asking me to update her portraits of my girls. I wish I could explain to you how hard it is to get a decent photograph of my children! Its not as easy as just grabbing my camera when I see the opportunity, if I want to get a selection of photos […]

Conversations with Amy and Stella

Conversations with Amy and Stella 1 Its hard posting this video, I feel bad using it as a guilt trip but chatting to Mum the other night I was able to explain, Amy asks about her Gogga and Packet (My Mum and Dad) a lot and often wonders out loud when we will see them, […]


This blog needs an overhaul. I have loads to post and lots to write about but can’t summon the enthusiasm. I think its time for a change, what do you say? New blog, new domain name, new hosting platform? Do I have the energy to change it all? Not sure. I am so damn hot […]

What a difference a year makes

Do you remember this day last year? When my little girl went off to preschool for the first time? I do. I can’t believe a whole year has past. Amy has been looking forward to returning to preschool. Its been a strange transition for her, just last week we saw two of her friends who […]

Preschool Christmas presents

This was my first year of gifts for teachers at Amy’s preschool. I didn’t feel like buying chocolates or wine or soap so I decided to make something. One of my favourite gifts to make is small make-up bags or pencil cases made from homemade quilted material. So easy, quite time consuming but I love […]

Away in a manger
Milestones – proud parents

Today was a very special day. Amy performed in her first ever dance concert. She did two dances in her group of girls and boys aged 3-5 and she was a star! It was an emotional milestone for me, this morning I had to do her hair up in pony tails with curls and the […]

An oldie but a goodie!

To brighten up this gloomy Saturday morning, I bring you one of my favourite photographs of all time. Amy, the giant baby at the miniature village on the Isle of Wight back in September 2006.

Cross posting

I know I already posted this over at my Photography business website but I couldn’t resist putting it here too. This photo is growing on me. I think I was just too irritated with my muse after I took the photo to truly appreciate it! Sheesh but Amy annoys me, everytime I turn my camera on […]


Amy still has eyelashes like spiders. Those of you who have had a look at my business website for Sarah White Images will remember the photo taken of Amy’s eyelashes back when she was just a year old. She still has the most spectacular lashes, coupled with her beautiful english rose complexion and scattering of freckles, this […]

Stuff and things

This child keeps me on my toes, this child has forced me to relearn a lot of parenting lessons that I didn’t need to learn from this other child. My first born is thoughtful, gentle, caring and full of love. She is quirky, very funny and loves an audience. She makes me feel brave and […]

Poor sick children

Yesterday afternoon I got “THE CALL” from preschool. Could I please come and fetch Amy as she had just been copiously sick all over herself. Sigh. She looked a little shell shocked when I picked her up, smelling rather strongly of child-puke. She said she didn’t know why she was sick, she didn’t feel sick […]

My other child

I have noticed two things, one I don’t post much at the moment and two, I don’t seem to post much about Amy! So here are some photos of Amy and her dress-up extravaganza. And here are some photos of recent lunchboxes. Ham and cold plain pasta are always a hit. Strange. Sliced cucumber were a hit, […]


As we were leaving preschool yesterday afternoon, Amy tripped and fell down the steep flight of stairs. It happened in an instant and I saw her body somersault and watched her land with her neck at an improbable angle. I have no idea how I made it down the stairs whilst holding Stella in my arms […]

Amy – assessment 4 years 1 month

Seriously. I just can’t seem to keep up with the weeks right now, but thankfully I am home tonight for the first time in over a week. I am just so busy with photography, playgroup committee, preschool talks and endless tasks to do with my photography business, which is coming, I promise. Its just the […]

Hair today, gone tomorrow?

This was Stella’s head a year ago. Dark haired, fuzzy, patchy. Now she has a beautiful head of long, silky blonde hair. Its an absolute marvel and I am a little tired of people commenting on how little she looks like me. First there was Amy, whom everyone said looked EXACTLY like her Daddy and […]


Its World Breastfeeding Week and all over the blogsphere people are talking about their breasts. Well, ok, they are talking about breastfeeding. How it worked for them, how it didn’t work and what Gisele said. This is a subject close to my heart. (Literally *snort*) This is the sight that greets me everytime I open my […]

Amy’s lunchboxes

Too tired to talk, or blog. Instead I bring you Amy’s lunchboxes from last week. Fresh strawberries, a raspberry jam sandwich, chicken flavoured rice crackers and some dried apricots. This was a lunch box for the girls to share at the park. Fresh strawberries (Stella not a big fan, Amy could eat a punnet!) Stella […]

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