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The Super Whites


Photography by Fiona Lumsdaine Photography

My name is Sarah, I am married to Super Ron and mum to two super girls, Amy and Stella. We are called the Super Whites by most of our friends, the origins of this nickname can be traced back through the annals of history to the Barnes Rugby Club situated in South West London. Ron played rugby at this club for most of the seven years he lived in London and by the time I met him in 2001/2002 he was already a well entrenched member with his own moniker Super Ronnie White. By default I became Super Sarah although I am also known as Mrs White *with hand gestures* but that is a completely different story!

Ron and I met in 2002 through mutual friends in London where we were both living at the time although Ron is originally from Sydney, Australia and I am from South Africa. We fell in love, got engaged, got married and then decided to have a baby. That sounds a lot more simple than it actually was but things got signifigantly more complicated thereafter! After Amy was born in London, Ron and I made the difficult decision to move our lives to Sydney where we could make a life without me having to go back to full time work in Investment Banking. Leaving the UK was far and away one of the hardest things we have ever done but we knew it was the right decision for our little family. I still miss my friends everyday despite being settled and content in the suburbs of Sydney.

We have now been living in Australia for four years and we live in our lovely little home in the suburbs, close to where Ron works and near lots of friends. In 2009 we added baby Stella to our little family and life continues to be very happy. I love living here and have been happy to stay at home looking after our girls and keeping house. However I knew that bliss wouldn’t last forever and so I embarked on starting my photography business Sarah White Images. I launched my website last year and was immediately busy with lots of jobs which was both rewarding and quite nerve-wracking!

Parenting has been the hardest and most rewarding job I have ever undertaken and raising two very different girls is proving to be a challenge! Amy will be 5 this year and goes to a local preschool for three days a week. Stella will soon be 2 and she is at home with me full time. This year is a special year, I feel like we have a reprieve of sorts because Amy could have attended primary school but being one of the youngest we decided to let her have another year at preschool. As a result I really want to get the balance right this year between my new business and personal satisfaction and spending as much time with my two girls before Amy heads off to school next year and Stella starts at preschool. 


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