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The Super Whites

We have a big old wooden table outside on our deck which is a lovely spot to sit at when friends come round but I find it hard to lay a pretty table. I had envisioned a container of succulents and had two perfect terracotta wide open bowls in mind but I lacked the enthusiasm to get started. This is one of those jobs that I love doing with my Mum and so when they came to stay, Mum and I tackled the succulent table settings.

I love, love, love how it turned out and it is still sitting out there on the table, looking gorgeous. Apart from the occasional water and clean out of the gum tree leaves, it is super low maintenance and   looks beautiful.

Inspired by our succulent success Mum decided to tackle a few neglected hanging baskets in the tree off the downstairs patio. Mum and Dad spent a few days down south with friends and when they came back they brought a huge container full of succulent cuttings and plants that their friends had kindly donated to our cause.

Mum set to work and created two beautiful hanging baskets and two large tubs full to overflowing with gorgeous plants.

Again they are super low maintenance and they are all growing really well with lots of tiny new shoots coming up two months later.

I love my succulents and feel just a little bit inspired to take more of an interest in the garden in general. Right now we are desperate for rain having had no significant falls at all this Summer.

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