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Growing and changing.

This year has seen a lot of growing and changing in our family and our home. We have celebrated a few birthdays already and some other milestones.

Amy took a swan dive off the cubby house and split open her chin which meant a swift visit to the local emergency room. She was brave until she realised that meant going to hospital at which point she wailed a lot about how scared she was! After all that she was incredibly brave as a very young Dr glued her chin together.

She healed up quickly but it has left a scar which makes me feel just a tiny bit sad, her beautiful skin, so perfect and then this little raised red scar on her chin. We have been doing a lot of baking at home, Amy can make pikelets (little pancakes!) from scratch on her own and often makes them for her own afternoon tea.

My lovely stand-mixer has been put to good use whipping up cake batters for the occasional treat. There have been lots of days spent in the garden and equally as many spent playing indoors and as a rule, the girls are great friends who play really well together.

Amy is learning to be less bossy and to make up fewer rules for their games and Stella is learning to stand up for herself and tell Amy when she doesn’t want to play the game her way. I usually leave them alone to resolve their differences although I have been spending a lot of time recently explaining that telling tales is never a good thing even if she did touch your foot/food/face/toy/ Sigh, girls!

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