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Missing, presumed busy elsewhere.

It is nearly May and this will be my first post for the year. Apparently there are lots of friends and family out there who miss this blog and to be honest, I miss it too. So much has changed in the world of blogging over the last few years but before all that, and after all that, this is still a record of my family’s journey. From Ron and I in London with a newborn, to our little family of four in our big new/old house in Sydney and it would be a shame to let all that slip away. So, I am tentatively intending on publishing posts here more frequently. I would like to return to doing an iphone photo dump once a week, documenting the milestones in our daughter’s lives and letting you all know what we have been up to. Starting with returning from an awesome five week holiday in South Africa, we had a week to acclimatise before Amy went back to school, a big Year 1 student!

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