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Renovations – the side of the house

Buying a rundown old house means there is always something on the to-do list and even though we have been in our home for more than 7 months now, that list hardly seems to shrink in fact the longer we are here, the more we keep adding to the list.

One of the things that annoyed us from the first moment we saw the house was that the previous owner hadn’t botherd to paint the fibro sheeting the house is clad with. We later discovered that unpainted fibro is not actually really that water tight. Hmmm.

So various panels had to be replaced at the same time as we were renovating the back of the house. Our builder replaced three sheets on this side of the house, the steep side and while his scaffolding was still up, Ron took the opportunity to give it a base coat of paint.

Of course he fully intended to follow that up with a top coat but seriously, painting, worst job ever. So, at least the fibro is watertight, sadly its not all the same colour but we figure we are going to have to repaint the whole place soon enough anyway, just add it to the list! (Actually on the wishlist is to cover it all up with weatherboard cladding at some point but thats a lot more expensive than a coat of paint…….)










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