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Renovations – the deck

The deck was probably the easiest part of our whole renovation in terms of decision making and actual construction and yet it brings such a huge amount of joy to our lifestyle. If you asked me to chose between the deck and the kitchen, which one I love the most…. it would be a tough decision. The kitchen is a dream come true for me, designed by Ron and I to meet our every expectation and need. Everything exactly where we want it, the drawers laid out for maximum convenience, the moment I moved all our kitchenware in it was as though everything had always been where it was. I pride myself on how well it functions as a practical kitchen, a family meeting space and a sanctuary for me. But the deck. Wow, this deck is so simple, almost square, a large door, a practical but beautiful set of handmade stairs. Solid wood handrails, stunning spotted gum decking boards. Its built to last and yet it already looks like a part of the natural landscape of our garden. Its completely at home in its bush setting. We adore the horizontal wire railings we decided on, we love the colour of the uprights. I can sit out there for hours and watch the play of sun across the garden, hot on the deck in the morning, perfect for drying swimming things, cool and shady in the late afternoons, just when you want to clear your head from the day’s frantic pace and unload with an ice cold drink while you watch the sunset behind the house highlighting the canopy of Eucalypts that live within our boundary. This deck is magic.

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