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Renovations – new sewer system

There are many side-effects to buying a new house. Along with the fun stuff, imagining where all your furniture will go and picking out paint colours, comes the negative. Discovering that your sewer system is borked and needs to be replaced. Sigh.

We have had lots of ups with our house but also many lows, some we were aware of before we signed on the dotted line and some we have discovered since. Unpleasant suprises. Just this morning Ron was crawling around under the house trying to find the source of the loud gushing water noises I can hear in bed when we run the dishwasher at night. He found it, a large pipe, somehow disconnected from its partner and spraying water all over the underside of our house.

Still, we live and we learn. A few weeks ago there was a strange buzzing noise in the bathroom walls, kind of electric sounding and constant and I could not figure out what it was. Ron came home from work and we were rushing around trying to get ourselves ready and the girls out the door to Ron’s parents house for the night while Ron and I went out to the Rugby Presentation night. Ron was under the house banging pipes and I was shouting down to him that it was “closer” or “further away” and then I went back into the bathroom and opened the cupboard door and found Ron’s sponge bag vibrating away as his nose hair trimmer buzzed! At the time we didn’t laugh, we were both stressed that there was some terrible electrical fault in our walls. Later we did laugh, only in our house!!

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