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Renovations – moving into the kitchen

Because we still haven’t completed the splashback or the rangehood, or even the lighting for the matter, I am loathe to photograph my kitchen properly for the “after” shot. We are getting there however, last weekend we bought our pendant lights which will eventually be installed over the kitchen bench. As I mentioned previously, our builder is coming round to install the range hood. Our glass guy is awaiting our call to come and do final meausurements. The stainless steel splashback people assure us they can deliver a large piece of very thin, bendy stainless without it getting any knocks, dents or dings.

So, we wait. In the meantime, this is how it looked as I was moving everything in. Of course a lot of stuff got put in places just so I could clear things up and they are of course still there. The bonus of having lots of storage space is that everything fits but I do need to move some things around for better access. I have to say that the longer we live with this kitchen, the more I grow to love it. I never imagined a bigger kitchen would make it easier to keep clean. Unlike the bigger house issue (two bathrooms to clean, good grief, like I have time!) the bigger kitchen means so much more functional counter space. At the end of the day it takes me ten minutes to move all the dirty stuff to one corner, wipe down the other two counters and voila (as Stella would say!) I have a kitchen clean enough to eat in. Last thing at night a quick sink of plastics and pots and load up my massive dishwasher and we are good to go. LOVE IT!

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