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Renovations – the kitchen…. continued.

So after the kitchen was installed, a  week late due to some issues with where the gas and electricity was plumbed in for the stove. What? I had no idea that I would end up becoming project manager, by default.

Just because I happened to be home at the time the tradesmen were installing stuff didn’t mean I knew where it had to go!

We had to wait another few days for the stone to be installed and then our plumber came and plumbed in the sink and the cooker at which point I told Ron the cooker had to come out again so the floors could get finished underneath it because the kickboard didn’t fit against the feet.

Shew, even writing about this now makes me feel grumpy, and of course all these little issues are still unresolved, our to-do list is growing instead of shrinking! Anyway, after the cooker was installed and then removed and installed again and the floors were finished and the stone benchtops done, we started messing around with some paint colours trying to decide what kind of splashback to do.

I had been keen on white subway tile from very early on but after the kitchen was completed I decided white-on-white would look too…. well, white.  And so we remain, undecided. We are almost convinced to go with coloured glass, a kind of mossy green and a stainless splashback above the cooker. Fingers crossed our builder can come back next week and install our rangehood for us, its a job we just can’t get done ourselves right now and once thats done we can measure up once and for all and get our materials ordered. I want this kitchen done NOW.

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